Fable 2

Oh my dear lord.

I've forgotten completely about this game.


This... will be amazing...

-Attacks enemies you're weakest against based on weapons you have out
-Morphs based on your play style and affinity
-Intelligent AI
-Totally awesome!

-The old fade-to-black maneuver
-Spouse, same-sex marriage, KIDS
-Kid will take on your traits
-Co-op players can kill your family

-You know what, it's just awesome
-Basically like Fable 1, but bigger/more freeform/more interactive

-Apparently there's like four different storylines...
-Takes place in Albion, 500 years later
-GUNZ!! D:

-Only 'couch'-based co-op

-Property is fully customizable
-You can buy literally every single property in the game
-Eventually, you'll get titles for your property amount - 'Mayor' 'Governor' 'EMPEROR OF ALBION'

-You just go unconscious for 30 secs or so
-While unconscious, enemies will attack you and inflict scars
-These will stay with you
-Bosses give you hella bad scars that will affect your interaction with NPCs

Character itself
-You can be a girl!!
-Starts from childhood, like before

-Your actions have more effect...
-For instance, if you help a small trading post under attack, it will flourish, and trading with it will cause a small town to grow around it...
-If you attack, however, it will be left as a ruin and the area will be abandoned, and so on


Anyways, I'm seriously excited for this game... LOVED the first...
-Only 'couch'-based co-op

It features online gameplay. You can co-op online with each other. Get your facts straight. There are online minigames to get in-game money too, like gambling.
Also, this topic is rather useless... People can find information with you talking about it.
Christ, I just read some things, and now I'm watching the videos.

I know people can find the information...

How, exactly, is this different from the Brawl topic?
Gerroff my back.

Then link the others to videos too. You're trying to give information, right?
Any idea about release date? Cause Fable 1 was fuckin baller.
wat system and how much for both 1 and 2?
In answer...
Release is supposed to be fall, no specifics yet.

Yes, Steve, Elder Scrolls is amazing.

Most likely just for the XBox 360 and I've no idea.
Probably around 15$ for 1 and the default 60$ for 2, methinks.
X-bawks, but it runs smoother on PC. Plus you could get the lost chapters. It's got bonus stuff in there thats jawsome. Brothel ftw.
I neve really liked Elder Scrolls.

As for the first Fable....You got old riddiculously quick while all the other characters stayed the same age. What the hell was that about?

I'll probably get Fable 2 if I have a 360 by then...If only to snipe villagers while hidden in barns. I just hope Knothole Glade is still around.

BTW, I absolutely dispise the Mayor of Knothole Glade. How can he kill me with two punches when I can decimate hordes of Balverines and rock trolls? And speaking of Balverines....In the tournament, where do the Balverines leap too? Do they launch themselves into the audience or something? And if so, why don't they kill anyone?