Out of curiosity

How about a New Year's Eve party for members as a mini-RP?

Like, just third-person yourself, or maybe it could be Navis, but that may not be as fun.

Will anyone participate? (Will I actually make this? XD)
Need moar IC community!

As in, people rping on new year's eve, before all the fireworks and what not start, or us rping in stead of watching fireworks and what not?
I'm away at D&D on New Year's Eve.

If you must, though...
I'm watching a movie, and then going to a Japanese Steakhouse tomorrow. Won't be here much of the day.
All day long I'll be mastu--Eh... Other plans. Yeah, other plans.

Seriously though... No idea. I'll be making snacks with my mother probably... If I wake up early enough.
Kay, so no xD
Oh, and quoted, Shur.