Rogan O'Conaill and Lyntael.exe

Character registration applications for Rogan and his Navi, Lyntael.exe.

Provided I've not done anything (else) wrong, and pending approval, I may still be delayed in putting up their profiles in the correct respective places; my time is largely limited at the moment, but I wished to do this much at least, for now, and sort out any kinks early.

Operator: Rogan O'Conaill

Name: Rogan O'Conaill
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Home Location: Variable depending on his work.
Factional Alignment: None specific, and mercenary in his clientele

Physical Appearance:

Rogan O'Conaill isn't fond of his name; he does his best to disguise every memorable element of himself and remain unremarkable, and he finds most people tend to remember unusual names. His hair, short-cut and naturally a deep, blazing red, he keeps perpetually dyed a solid black, and though his skin is pale, he does his best to avoid an over-abundance of sunlight, which would bring out an army of merry freckles across his face.

He is moderately tall and solid, about six feet and fit, though none would describe him as built. Most of the time he wears a ground-length black coat with a variety of internal pockets, but little to remark it on the outside. Underneath, though his clothes change day to day, he tends to favour button-neck and collared t-shirts, in deep, cool colours, such as navy or deep forest green. He wears black suit trousers underneath, giving his overall look a smart and well-dressed casual appearance, without looking formal.

General Personality:

His desire to be unmemorable stems in large part from his career of choice: on paper, he works as a freelance photographer, but his moonlighting is how he really sustains himself. Night-times and other particular occasions see him operating as a data thief and manipulator; he works mercenary style for clients who need certain information, either to acquire, to destroy, to alter or simply to take. Possessing only a certain level of high-tech information skills, Rogan's methods are more practically grounded. He has a detailed, but narrow field of expertise in accessing and bypassing physical and on-site security to get at what he needs directly, in person.

Not overly social, he tends to speak only sufficiently enough to communicate his intent, and little more. His words are seldom terse, but equally so they are rarely warm or inviting; rather he tends to speak with a calm certainty, firm without being harsh, unless made to repeat himself.

Perhaps because he tends to be efficient and minimalistic in most aspects of his life, one thing that does irritate him tends to be wastefulness or excess, most notably of time or effort. That said, Rogan is not without his own, distinctly dry, sense of humour, and when he is in a good mood he is just as likely to deliver a vaguely humorous comment, usually with a small grin that curls one corner of his lips.

Recently, he has started paying slightly more attention to his Navi as well, and pondering its possible uses and applications, though it is quite clear from his interactions with her that he views her, as all Navis, as nothing beyond a tool; another computer program that serves a purpose.

PET Modifications:

His PET is a sleek black design, though it didn't always look that way. The original device, Navi included, was gift from a somewhat estranged brother, who meant it well enough, as a suggestion that Rogan ought to get out more and meet more people. It's outer casing was a bright pastel yellow when it was first given to him, which Rogan quickly reskinned. He has also added a minor modification to it, a small physical probe, which allows it to interface more directly and effectively with electronic door locks and security systems that might not want to be interfaced with, to facilitate his work. The probe retracts and remains hidden except when it is actively bridging his PET to a system. The thought that his brother's misguided gift is actually proving to be valuable and appreciated often brings a wry smile to his lips while he works.


NetNavi: Lyntael.exe

Name: Lyntael.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Electric
Subtype: Wind

Physical Appearance:

Lyntael is the Navi residing in Rogan's PET. Her name is in the Latin mode, and thus pronounced 'Lin-Tile'. Originally programmed by Rogan's brother, she resembles a young girl with a physical appearance of maybe sixteen at most, though she is slightly built even for that, making her apparent visual age drift a bit lower. Barely five feet tall, her hair is short and rough-cut, a light flaxen blonde above skin that is pale enough to blend with the tone well. Her eyes are a bright emerald green, just like Rogan's, and are wont to dance and sparkle merrily when she is happy.

Stuck forever on the border of burgeoning puberty, without ever tipping over into full adult-hood, Lyntael retains a slightly boyish figure that is athletic and toned. She wears a light vest that is a pastel yellow with comfortably broad shoulder straps and which ends high, just below where her breasts, if she had any notable endowment to speak of, would be. Sadly, as far as Lyntael is concerned, her chest is underwhelming, a light early-pubescent swell that is enough to notice, but not enough to require any more restraint that the vest itself provides. The open front of the vest is secured by a series of three leather button ties, evenly spaces across where her breasts would otherwise risk expose. One visible irony is that the ties and catches are graded, as though to allow for more support and room as she grows and fills out, despite the fact that she never will, and they will always remain at their tightest.

The high cut of her vest reveals her entire midriff, exposing a small stud piercing on her belly button, in a bright-smiling sunburst icon. Beneath that she wears a short skirt, pleated like a school-girl and in a deeper yellow colour that her top. It comes only down as far as her mid thighs, but in most cases seems to maintain something of an almost gravity-defying determination to protect her modesty. On the occasions when it fails in this task, she can be seen to be wearing a virtually transparent pair of predominantly lace underwear that seems to do less of a job covering her than the valiant efforts of her skirt. When Rogan questioned his brother harshly about this, and the general appearance of the Navi, his brother merely shrugged and justified that he wanted some eye-candy while he worked.

Lastly, when Lyntael was given to him, she was wearing a pair of simple but sensible trainers, however, upon discovering that her PET had been given into the care of another, she promptly, and rather gleefully, cast them off, socks and all, and they haven't been seen since.

Lyntael's emblem is a small visible disc that sits only very slightly raised from her skin, about where one would expect a necklace or pendant to rest if it were worn. It's symbol is a yellow sunburst, overlayed with a white lightning bolt, vertically.

General Personality:

Lyntael was not really conceived of, and doesn't think of herself as, a combat-oriented Navi. She's friendly and always eager to meet, greet and make friends with new people, and while she is competitive and likes to push herself to be the best she can, she's also not fond of conflict and direct fighting. She has a very pronounced sensation of what she feels is right and wrong, and a strong will to stay true to that. As a result she has often, recently, been left nervous and uncomfortable by some of the work Rogan himself has done, and now utilises her, and her PET for. Regardless of this, she bears an overpoweringly loyal devotion to Rogan, and whether she came with that, or has simply grown enamoured with him in the time they've been together is hard to say. The result is that she is usually willing to put herself out and be pulled well out of her comfort zone for his sake, and to do as he tells her, even when doing so upsets her or makes her feel uncomfortable.

Like most young girls, when she is upset or sad, Lyntael's personal body language becomes more hesitant and closed, and she tends to stop making proper eye-contact with anyone. Her hair, usually springy, also becomes more languid, the rough edges lying down and hanging over her forehead.

There is very little that makes her genuinely angry; her disposition is of the kind to remain sunny in most cases and to look every to the brightest possible interpretation of any situation, however, repeated difficulty with a task she feels she ought to be able to complete or succeed at can lead her to grow increasingly frustrated with it. This is most notably visible when she becomes caught between her own ethics and Rogan's requirements of her: begin given a task that she is uncomfortable with, and doesn't wish to do, but still feels compelled to do her best at, for Rogan, will quickly drive her to frustrated anger if she struggles with it.

Weapon Customisation:

Perhaps as a result of not being programmed with combat foremost in mind, Lyntael has no visible buster. When she thinks about it, though, she feels a slight charged tingling around her wrists and hands, as well as about her ankles and feet. If she charges this sensation more, static and lightning will begin to crackle about the striking points of her hands and feet. The truth is that this is, in fact, her buster and how it works; its discharge can be made in totality through any of the four contact points, but it has no range whatsoever and can only be effectively used in melee strikes. Another difficulty with this is the manner in which her matrix charges her buster; if any of her four limbs are rendered non-functional or otherwise locked out of her control, this hampers her ability to charge up her buster almost completely, as all four points are required by her matrix to charge safely.

(OOC, her buster functions exactly like a regular buster, with the differences just rp-cosmetic, except that it is restricted to melee-only range, and, in rp cases, if for any reason any of her arms and or legs are out of action, her buster is restricted to simple shots, with no charging safely possible, excepting cases of sheer desperation, which can override this safety lockout, and which may well lead to disastrous results for her)


Not counting herself much of a fighter as yet, Lyntael hasn't really developed much in the way of what you would call a signature style, however, in her first experiences with direct conflict, her own strong emotions have manifested themselves in a few notable ways. As she is the sort to always do her best to make the most of difficult times, Lyntael means to focus her attention on these natural reactions, with the hope of gaining better control over them, and improving their effectiveness.

My Pain is Real: Trigger Counter(Receiving Melee Damage): 20 Elec, Nova2 (cost: 40, CD 1)

The first has occurred when she is struck, the pain of the blow causing a reaction from her body, discharging a jolt of electrical current in a small nova around her. The discharge is only small and her form regains its natural ready charge quite quickly.

My Heart Falters: 20 Hp barrier (cost 20, CD 1)

The other notable effect has occurred in the past when her uncertainty and fear turn to a desperate hope for preservation. The light current that suffuses her body manifests in a static-laden field about her, persistent enough to ward off a small amount of damage.

Chip Choices:



If I've any (other) mistakes or rule-breaches, I'll attempt to fix them as soon as possible. I know that I've made an effective non-standard modification to her buster, which has a proposed in-play effect on things, however, as far as I can tell there are only downsides and negative consequence to the proposal for her, so I hope it will be allowed.

Excellent writeup, though I suggest moving the signature descriptions towards the signatures themselves, so as not to have them confused with appearance descriptions.

Self-nerfs through RP are fine.

All stat-related things look good as well. Just wait for a yellow or green name to post now, I suppose~
Just as a FYI, we only use the countries in the MMBN universe, so it's a tad impossible to be specifically of Celtic descent, since there's no Ireland/Wales/wherever where Celts would exist. He can still have traits of it, but it's best to be vague in that regard and not specifically call it 'of Celtic descent'.

Other than that, no problem. But since only green and yellow names can approve, my word's as good as air.
It's a very engaging write-up, but I'd like to see it follow the structure listed in the registration rules. The mods (and other players) might need to look up a particular point on Rogan or Lyntael, and having their characteristics divvied up into labeled sections just makes that easier for everyone. I'll refer to Fera's and MC's points as they are also true, so I'll approve this as soon as these minor edits are taken care of.
Certainly, I'll make the edits now. To Mc, yes, I know that specific our-world countries were out, though I don't know wht locations the universe has to offer as equivalents (still reading up). Was originally going to write him in as Irish and retracted that for the more generic 'celtic' because of that, but since that's still a bit too our-world-ish, I'll take it out altogether.

Making the structural changes now then,

EDIT: And done.

P.S. regarding the lineage bit; I've seen other approved profiles here with direct and explicit This-World birth countries and heritage listed... Are there some our-world locations that are mentioned and thus acceptable, or were those just missed?
Admittedly, missed if they're direct. Generally our rule of thumb is to try and locate where the MMBN-world equivalent of a particular ethnicity or nationality would be. Netopia, courtesy of some strange decisions at Capcom, seems to be a lump sum of North and South America plus Europe. Given you're looking for an Irish heritage, you could probably pick out one of Netopia's outer regions and claim to have that sort of ethnicity there.

That aside, the structure is much improved, and you're looking good to go. Post the profiles for Rogan's and Lyntael's profiles in the appropriate forums, welcome to RERN, and you know where to go if there are any more questions.

GET CHIP: Cannon, RageClaw1, Shotgun, Guard1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP+50