Elemental Poll

Earth : destructive strong and boastful people. Extremely confident that they can overpower anyone. Your athletic , physically fit and like to work on you skills.Your say what you feel without regrets and this often leads to conflicts. They often are cause fights and end up finishing thing. You boastful strong head attitude sometimes cause people to think of you as a mean person.

Fire : Courageous strong and confident. Fire user are very strong in there beliefs. They believe there the strongest and are very outspoken. There quick to fight even if they don't stand a chance.There attacks are brutal and all offensive. They very very brave and stand up for what they believe in and something the stand up for others beliefs if there not willing to do it there self. The fire road holds a resentment to the dark road.

Wind : Care free and wild. Wind is the purest of the 4 main elements.Wind users are very creative and often wild children who are very confident in there own power. Wind user like to avoid fights but they are capable fighters . Your tactics include avoiding and causing your opponents ground to break.

Water: Cool calm and collected. This type of person is very popular , has many friend and admired by many. Your smart and well fit. Your a good fighter but your smart enough not to fight a battle you couldn't win. Your not very outspoken your prefer to keep to yourself but will stand up for something thats important. The water road is easily corrupted into doing the wrong thing.

I got these descriptions off a website. I'm curious as to what element each person is though. I personally am Earth.
woah, belive it or not, i feel like i belong to all four elements in one way or another.......
I may not act it all the time, but I'm REALLY fitting into wind here. I may think I'm strong, but I hate confrotation and I'm a totally relaxed and carefree guy XD
Funnily enough, none of them sound like me. :'D
Yeah, Aim's more like slime. Is there a slime element?
I'm ice. Period.
well, after looking on it again, i KNOW i don't fit into the air element, so it's fire, water and earth.....i guess if i had to choose one......it would have to be water i guess.
I'm more of a purple. >.>
Water + Fire
But I just chose Water because it sounds cool.
I'm kinda quick to take offense, but I'm mainly laid-back.
I'm Fire. I'll kick your ass. : D
I can put you out. >:3D~
Water makes oil and electrical fires worse.
But wind blows it all out.


Yep, that's pretty much me. : D
I have the power of heart!
I'm mutable wind.
I declare myself to have no element, because this belongs on Quizzila and not a Megaman.EXE website.
Oooooo...Diss....Except, wait...Yeah, this isn't actually a quiz so it does not, in fact, belong on Quizilla.
Well, not too surprisingly, Wind's getting the most votes. It is the most creative of theelements after all. and Raikotsu, I don't care what Captain Planet told you, the power to speak with animals is not an element of the clasical world.

Anyway, what IS surprising is how few people are fire. In a battle heavy thread like this, I expected at least a few more fire.
Runeknight is Fire. He shoots flames and everything. MeleeMan is also Fire. He's one super flamingly homose...Uh, nevermind.
I'm a passionately burning lover. Hope that answers which element I am.