Kirby fans, unite!
But seriously. Does anyone here play the Kirby games? If so, which is your favorite? Mine is Kirby Super Star.

Does anyone know a good Kirby RP site? If not, I was thinking about making a mini-RP here... but all of the RPs I've made ended in disaster
*Points to Lego*

Of COURSE there are Kirby fans! Where aren't there? I'm one, and my personal favorite was/is... uh...
Well, I actually don't know. Maybe 64, maybe Air Ride. Squeak Squad= Barely not fail. Kirby's adventure for the SNES/Nightmare in Dream Land (they're the same game, under different titles and systems) is pretty good, too.
All Mini-RPs die here too. :'D

On another note, I played Nightmare in Dreamland most recently I think. I also have Block Ball and the original Dreamland (not sure if it works any more), and I played 64: Legend of the Crystal Shards, though I didn't get to the final extra boss. I think Kirby's Block Ball has a kind of retro charm to it. Crystal Shards probably had the most lasting value, though, IMO.
I completely forgot about that game! Put it up there to jockey for "favorite" among the other two.
Actually, I really liked Tilt N Tumble and Dream Course. I can no longer play either, though. Tilt N Tumble SUCKS on a Gameboy Advance SP, and I rented Dream Course... and they no longer have those at Family Video Anyways, what are your favorite characters and abilities? I like the Suplex and Yoyo powers. My favorite characters are only semi-canon: Samurai Meta Knight (from Samurai Kirby Minigame) and the "Fight!" Kirby (one of the Save-file images of Kirby Super Star - the one in the martial arts robe).
Kirby's Dreamland 3 for SNES. Starred some awesome animal companions.
Kirby Superstar: 8 Games in One!

That game was so swell that I played it over and over and over.
was an awesome game of win.
Wub kirby.

Thought that the Amzing Mirror was good.

Also likes Chrystal Shards.

And Kirby's Avalanche is always fun, no matter what. :,D
Air Ride is amazing, IMO.
I prefer the origional title for the NES. The rest just don't have the same feel of wow when you first coppy a villains powers, you know? Nestallllgiaaaaa.

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Kirby Superstar: 8 Games in One!


BTW, Lego's going to have an OMGWTFJOYGASM when he sees this topic.


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I prefer the origional title for the NES. The rest just don't have the same feel of wow when you first coppy a villains powers, you know? Nestallllgiaaaaa.

Actually, the original game was Dream Land for the Game Boy, where you couldn't copy powers.

I love that pink butter ball! He eats, sleeps, and kicks butt! I love Kirby SuperStar 8 games in one! Especially when I fought Marx who was like the uber hard boss until I learned the secret of beating him was becoming stone Kirby, and then I like that SuperNova fight when you had to stop it from destroying Pop Star!

Then I love the cartoon too, I even bought Kirby Air Ride which was cool since I ahd to use all those machines and I totally blew up everyone else's machines becoming Fire Kirby and Ice Kirby mostly!

The game I miss the most is the krystal shards which I knew I didn't get to finish because Dark Matter had came back and I had to take the game back because of a rental! Sigh!

Does anyone know if Kirby's games are going to be Wii Downloads?
Kirby's up for voting on GameFaqs Character Battle.
I try to beat every boss with Suplex in Super Star. It does a lot of damage, but you cannot deal the most damage it can directly. You have to throw the enemies' attacks "Right Back At Ya" - I mean them

Anyways, anyone know a good Kirby RP site?
I wish I did know! Then again...don't think there is one or many since Kirby would be fought over. Power to the Kirby! XD
Why not? there are multiple kirbies. Theres a whole group of them, somewere.

Play the origional kirby's dreamland all the way thru
Besides, there is Keeby, Meta Knight, Samurai Kirby, Samurai Meta Knight, etc. Plus, Kirby can split into more than one (or is that just when he dances? Wait... what?)

Anyways, you could make your own Kirby character.