I am...

I've been shot at at least 12 times
Onoly 12? Yeah, I know, that joke was a bit tasteless. Especially if that statement is true, as in real life I am a pasifist who couldn't even hit so much as Adolf Hitler. I really hope you are lieing about that.
there ARE better ways of getting attention darkfail, you are the BIGGEST loser on this entire site. failing troll.
Lucky you. I highly doubt that's true. And if it is, then I wish at least one of those times had been fatal. It would have done the world a whole lot of good.
I've been shot 21 times. >_>;
Why aren't you dead yet?
Because I'm Shuryou. *dazzling smile*
I usually get shot, oh, once or twice a year.

And then I'm safe from the flu. : D
Ehh, I've been shot, I think, *counts on fingers* 4 times in my whole life. One for Hepatitis B or something, and three more run-of-the-mill vaccines.

And my respect for Darkrai has dropped even farther below -9000.
Does the fact that my leg got blown off in a freak Cuisinart shooting accident count?
If not, than my shots at the doctor should easily equal, oh, 18 or so.
I've been shot at once.
I'm currently taking residence in a nice foster body on planet QX347.
It's actually nice here, except for the low temperatures. Sometimes it even gets to -430 C!
Stop spouting shit, Darkrai. There'd be no other reason for you to post here than for us to believe that you've dodged death 12 times. Anyways, I also hope you don't think you're older than 10.

You're not funny.
I can understand why people would want to shoot at you, wishing to be a service to society and END YOU.



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