Spooky stories...

this thread is for spooky stories(no duh)...

let's bring /x/ to the network, let's hear your creepy pasta...

Me first:

when I was eight years old, I used to live in an old house that was really creepy, and one night I had a nightmare that i'll never forget...

I was floating in a great empty white space, and across from me was a great shadowy creature with glowing yellow eyes. I felt scared of it, although we talked a bit, it was about all of the horrors and pain of the human race. Finally I got the courage to ask it what's name was...

It answered in a language that seemed to be not only words, but thoughts, dreams, and feelings; or or lack of them, for when I 'heard' it's name. I was filled with a dark dispare that I felt like I'd never get out of. the creature chuckled at this, and giving a parting wave said, "if you ever need me, just call..."

I never forgot this dream, but that's all I thought it was, untill one day, years later, when I was talking to my stepdad about the old house and he started talking about one night where he woke up in the night and felt like he was being watched. looking into my room, which was across the hall, he saw a shadowy figure with glowing yellow eyes.

I was creeped out by this, and have since dubbed the creature "void"...

that's right, my navi is based off of a creature from my worst nightmares...

and for some reason, when I use Void, he's my easiest charecter to rp...

mabey cause...

he never left me...

Maeybe.... it's cause you're afraid of the dark....


Vell, here's my story:

I was in a dream, as usual. It was ordinary, but too ordinary. everything was life like, perfectly real. It ran down the steps and outside, and looked around. Day was just starting, so everything was filled with orange light. Then, just as the dream began to end, I heard a creepy wail and looked up. In the clouds, a gigantic, freaky face-like thing came out and looked at me, then a bright flash, and I woke up.

That day, I was afraid to leave the house, as that morning was also filled with the strange orange light as in my dream.

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Maeybe.... it's cause you're afraid of the dark....


One time, I had this horrible dream where I was only the SECOND awesomest person ever.

But then I woke up and realized that I was still up top. So I went and ate some Cap'n Crunch.
I once had a dream that I sliped on ice, slid out into the street, and was hit by a car. That morning, it had snowed and I needed to help mom clear the driveway, which goes up a steep hill. I sliped on the ice and almost went into the street, just as a car passed by. By the way, it was the same car as in my dream.
I really don't have much. Ever since I've started dreaming again, I've been waking up with nothing but a profound sense of just how...

Well, it's like going downstairs at breakfast to say hi to your family, only to find they have no faces. (This is an example, not one of my dreams.) It's not chaotic or anything; I've had my share of pointless chaotic dreams like everyone else, but these are the ones that scare the shit out of me. Everything feels normal, but at the same time everything feels horribly, cataclysmically wrong.

That's kind of scary in itself, thinking what kind of things must be going on in my subconscious. I've been prone to anxiety attacks and nervous fits in the past. What the hell caused them?

[/overdramatizes everything just like everyone else in the thread]
You wanna hear crazy dreams?

I had to keep a dream journal my senior year for psychology class. I only had two entires, but when I read them to the class, my teacher held his head for about a full minute before loudly exclaiming, "DAMN!"

I'll have to find where I put that notebook, and I'll post them. They were out there.
Yay for over-dramatization! It's like a really bad Soap Opera with close ups and awkward silences ABOUND!

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Yay for over-dramatization! It's like a really bad Soap Opera with close ups and awkward silences ABOUND!

Well, at least I was being honest and not super drama *points to first post*
what that was honest...

you try living in a haunted house...

stuipid Void

Void: shut up naix.

yes sir...
While we're being totally honest, I'd like to admit that I'm actually an immortal Super Saiyan who can use telepathy and learn any power or ability just by seeing it in use.
Wow! You are? Cool! What am I thinking of as I type this?
My worst dream ever was that I was falling. There wasn't anything at the bottom, I wasn't dressed in anything fancy or strange, there weren't even any other things around me, I was just tumbling downwards on an empty stretch of nothing. For eight hours.

Yes, that was probably the worst dream I ever had. It was actually pretty recent, it scared me a lot more than the one I had when I was, say, six, and a Steelix from Pokemon Stadium 2 was chasing me through my village and trying to eat me.
The only reams I remember was when I was little. Basiclly it was the same kind of nightmares.

First when I was REALLY little I had one of those racecar beds. Well, I am told I told my mom I dremt about it crashing, but all I remember is moving thriugh the hallway and everything becomming fuzzy and no-memory.

Second is when i got a real bed I dremt of getting sucked into the ceiling fan

Third is after I moved to a diffrent house, were I dreamt that I was going downthe hallway, and then I got sucked into my room and into my bed (Hell, I even made a resistance after a couple nights)

Other dreams I have had are random cars comming off the road to run me over unless I hid behind the cars in the driveway, and one were a motorcycle (no rider) came for me and I jumped back and forth on one of the front steps and it went back and forth on the step trying to get me. BTW those steps werent that wide...

Im trying to remember my dreams :3. It is just so damn HARD!

Well, yeah.

Anyway I haven't had a nightmare that I can remember. Or a spooky story.

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Believe me. This is scary enough for me. <_<

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Well, yeah.

Anyway I haven't had a nightmare that I can remember. Or a spooky story.

I played that ga,e too. That was one weird shit level.