Kill The Person Above You

If anyone remebers this, then great. It was one of the most active topics when I joined, and I WANT IT REVIVED!!!!

Start by killing me. And please, ONLY kill the person ABOVE you...not EVERYONE.
I come up behind you and kick you into a giant hole conveinently placed in front of you, then scream "THIS IS ROCKMAN!!!!!!!" Then as you fall into the hole, I cast magic missile and attack the darkness.
I grab a blunt object, fly towards you, and smack you on the head with due force, shattering the back of your head, effectively making your skull fly into your cerebellum and brain cord, thus killing you. I then fly off, but I'm still flying.
I walk up to you. You are blinded by my gorgeousness. While worshipping at my feet, I stab your juglar with the heel of my stiletto. Then I ripout your testicles, eyes, and heart with my nails, because you got your blood on my clothes.
i grab cloud's buster sword and impale you on it, then i get you un-impailed on it and throw you over a black hole, you dieing as soon as you enter in a way that i won't describe.
What an unimaginative death.

You die of stupidity, and lack of creativness.

Coffee. goes...

I wrap a spiked chain around you, stab you with a pointy metal rod, send an electric current through the chain, pour gasoline on you, light you on fire, grab your arm with a pair of hedgeclippers, and impale you from behind with a spike made from a bamboo stalk.

(that was to blue because lego said virtually nothing)
Elephants. A jar of marmalade. Six weeks in the desert.

Get that spinning through your noodle.
Since you mentoned noodles, i sharpen an uncooked noodle to a fine point, then stab it in the fatal hollow behind your ear. then i cover you with pasta sauce, and serve to the general public.


I possess your soul, forcing you to become emo and kill yourself.
I send minion Moogles to you. You die of over-cuteness =D
I grab a staff and knock you out from behind. While you lay unconscious, I tie you up an stab you with multiple daggers, leaving them in you after each stab. Then I hang you by a tree and pour gasoline on you. I put a little in my mouth and grab a torch. Yum BBQ.
i grab you by the neck, pour on someing flamable and burn you alive, sacraficeing my own hand to do so.
(to darkstar, in case anyone posts first)

I use a hologram thingy to make a male walrus look like an extremely attractive and horny catgirl, lock you in a box, and chuck you into a black hole, then creat a time warp so you repeat the process of doing the walrus and getting ripped apart by the black hole again and again forever.
I grab your songs placed in your signature, and start beating you over the head with one in each hand. I then take the pile of quotes from my signature, and smash you with them.
I take one of those mini-Somerset Patriots bats and shove it through your throat, handle first. I then hoist you upward with it, showing your near-lifeless body to countless Aztecs, and then I place you down on the ground. I cut a line down your chest, rip open your ribs with my bare hands, and hold your heart to the sky. I then proceed to eat the heart. WITH CHILI PEPPORS!!
Oh, and then I feed your body to various beggars outside of the temple. ^.^
Your brain overloads when confronted with my smartness. you turn into a vegetable, and I eat you. Because I have to eat 3-4 servings of veggies everyday,
While taking a convenient rest in your intestines, I transform back into perfect form. Yelling 'WRYYYY' all the while, I magically produce a steamroller from your insides to crush them and carve a way out for me. I then revive you only to kill you again with mystical kung-fu powers and throwing knives. MUDABUDADADADADADA! WRYYYY