What have YOU eaten today?

Yeah. Just uh... post whatever you've eaten today along with whatever meal you've eaten it as. Simple, right?

So uh...

"Breakfast": Maruchan "Cup of Ramen" (Beef Flavor, mmm...)
Lunch: None yet
Dinner: None yet

Nothing. *yawn* I just got up.
Just woke up.

5 muffins ^^
I'm eating chicken soup. With some pepperoni to spice it up.
Orange juice. Food in the morning makes me sick.
Me too. Both on the grounds of not having eaten and that food in the morning makes me sick.
Nothing yet, blah blah blah.
Seriously? I woke up an hour ago and STILL feel around half-dead.
I think I'll folow Twi's cue and eat some instant noodles, though.
And coffee.
Much coffee.

Alright, update. Toad in the hole and coffee. I think I was the first one awake... now my sister's going to be whining at me to make her breakafast too.
Breakfast: Crepes. With lemon juice squeezed on it. Made by yours truly. Recorded as delicious.

Lunch: Big Bowl 'a Curry. With extra meat and rice mixed in, with a lot of the 'soup.' Made by mother. Recorded as uber delicious.

Dinner: 2 Hamburgers. Large patties in each burger. BBQ'd by father. Recorded as uber delicious.
"Your mom."

No, I've already had dinner and we ate... Devil Chicken. Seriously, that was the name of the recipe. We had some risotto with it and lettuce.
Ain't had nothin'! I probably won't eat for another couple of hours. I'll most likely have some hot dogs or a burrito for lunch and then something else for dinner.
breakfast:a small baggie of lucky charms, a cut up apple and some penaut butter, a water bottle of cold water.
lunch:none yet
dinner:same as above
Breakfast: apple cinnamon muffin with milk
Lunch: Chicken Salad with Milk
Afternoon Snack: Thin rice noodles with water
Dinner: Same type of noodles mentioned above and pork chops and milk.
I'm too tired to go into detail.
I've only eaten one real meal all day ;___;
Edited my first post to include everything else.
Ended up with:

Breakfast - Nothin
Lunch - Nothin
Snack - A PB&J sammich and a cookie
Dinner - Pizza
Man... my eating habits died when I started working graveyard shift. I go by the hours now. Military time too, fault of job once again.

1800: 3 Slices of Bologna and 8 Crackers, Saltine
2000: 9 Pieces of Bacon
2400: A Miniature White Chocolate Reese's Cup Egg
0300: Maruchan Cup Ramen - Chicken Flavor

Oh yeah, that's real healthy. Super. Sleep time now.

ya, havent eaten anything yet.
For a sort of morning snack... Coffee and swiss cheese.
Rather eclectic, but good all the same.
a muffin and some pretzels