Two Truths and a Lie

Here's the tell two things true about yourself and one thing not. The person who posts below you tries to guess what the lie is, while they post their own set. Ready? Go!

1. I love ginger. (sushi ginger)
2. I read New Yorkers for fun.
3. I rank Chief 2 in archery at camp.

Go ahead!

#2. (P.A. Master)

1. I have a 'published' web manga.
2. I am friends with the guy who did the voice acting for Sgt. Johnson.
3. I go to Sakura-Con obsessively.
The archery one. #3

1. I have every version of pokemon to date.
2. I have a rabbit.
3. I have recieved no college mail.
Number 2. (strike man)
1) I have learned the intesified luck trick
2) I have a pet gerbil
3) I live in southern ontario
... For me to grade that, you'll have to tell me just what this Intensified Luck Trick is.

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#2. (P.A. Master)

Wrongo. It was #3. Too much damn college mail to count...
For ZeroSaber, it's actually #3.

His name's David, and I can tell you he is almost nothing like Sgt. Johnson.
Vactrox...Number 2?

1. I own several swords.
2. I own over 2,000 books ranging from fantasy novels to manga.
3. I have met Fred from MegaTokyo.
For Zan I'm going to guess number 1.

1. I have every Fire Emblem game, including the first six.
2. I have a pet ferret.
3. I'm not eligible to join the Marines, but I receive a crapload of mail asking me to join anyway.
Nah, it is actually number 3. I know Dom, but not Fred.

For you...I'm gonna say 2?
Yeah, number 2. I don't much like ferrets.

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Vactrox...Number 2?

you got it...

I can control random events slightly, but have an equal amount of bad/good luck depending on what I do...

I drive people nuts in halo and shooters cause I can make most of the bullits miss when I get really going...

and if you ask why I just don't win the lottery, I would get an equal amount of bad luck, so I would get an 1:1,000,000,000 event happen in a bad way...

so as I walk out with my cash, I get stuck by lightning, then attacked by a panther(which is of course, a really big black cat)
1. I smokes a lot
2. No one never asked me for a date
3. I quit being a nerd at the age of sixteen
Number 3. Come one, youre here. Dead give away.

1. I hate you all.
2. I am the sauce.
3. </3

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Number 3. Come one, youre here. Dead give away.

wrong....I lie about being 'smokes a lot' fact, I never did....
Leon...please let it be #1. If it isn't, I hope 3 is true if it means broken heart.

1. I have an iTrip.
2. I am a purple belt in Tae Kwon Do.
3. I only have Naruto books 5 and 12.

Yahiko. It'll be #1.

1. I have a talking gay Christmas tree called Bernard. He claims his lights are bling-bling.
2. I've had an invisible slime caveman in my room, which is now traveling across the globe.
3. I keep a pink pony with wings in my shed, who's name is Bellefleur. She only eats chocolate carrots.
I think the only truth is 3.
Anyway, I have a PodFreq...same thing, but BETTER. It jacks into radios...
Shuryou, the game is TWO truths and a lie. The only thing of yours that even MIGHT be true is the first one, because it sounds so very like something you'd do.