The Corrupted Wish Thread, N.E.W edition!

You know the rules. Well, if you don't then I'll explain them.

First, I'll make a wish. 'I wish for pie,' is a good basic example.

Then, you have to grant it, and somehow corrupt it, like "Granted, but the pie is poisoned." Then, you make a wish of your own.


UserA: I wish for a disco party.

UserB: Granted, but everyone's moonwalking on you. I wish for a cheap copy of Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince.

UserC: Granted, but it is so worn that its impossible to read. I wish for a long life.


Get it? Good. Don't get it? TOO BAD!

I'll start.

I wish that tomorrow I'll be able to go to my friends house and play Rayman Raving Rabbids.
Oy, I remember this. ^__^

Alright, but his Wii breaks and you're stuck with the crappy GBA version.

I wish I had bought three copies of FFXII, instead of just one for my friend on her birthday.
Edit: Do'h, I got ninja'd.

Granted, but they all corrupt when anyone tries to use them.

I wish that I could hurry up and hit 60 in WoW so that I can work on 70.
Granted, but the two break and your down to one again.

I wish for a part in a gruesome gun fighting movie. Where every second is just a gun fight, blood, and gruesome. With hotchicks, and fast cars. And in the end I die.
Alright, you end up in the movie Crank... But before you die, you are slowly lowered into a pit of molten lava. Enjoy your excruciating death.

I wish I had the gift of rhyme.
I also wish I had a lime!
Granted, but everyone hates your rhymes, and you are cursed to speak in rhyme forever.

Also, your lime is rotten. And you have to eat it.
I wish you had made a wish.
Granted, but then he ninja'd it and it disappered forever.

I wish for another .EXE movie.
Granted. It sucks ass and involves gender bending.

I wish that I'd made a wish in my last post.
Granted, but somehow it turns out horribly wrong.

I wish for a Wii!
Granted. You get a dismembered male reproduction organ. (Sorry, Shuryou!)

I wish that I could spam my 'wish for a wish for a wish for a wish for a wish for a wish' wishes without getting warned.
((Oh, it's infinity isn't it...))

Granted, you get banned.

I wish for Momoko Akatsutsumi aka Hyper Blossom to become my wife.
Granted, but you get jailed for loli~~

I wish for SUPER GIANT GUN FIGHTING ROBOTS!!! *freaks out*
Granted, but one of them accidentally squishes you. Oops.

I wish that people knew that I was Infinity Dragon from Chaos Network.
Granted, but no one remembers who that is.

I wish the moon really was made of cheese.
Granted, but you can't reach it.

I wish for more... RELATIONSHIPS!
Granted, but the first one is Shin x Bo and Shuilong x Koboman.

I wish Jr. was in another relationship with a female navi who had never been anything else other than a female and was humanoid and always was.
Granted. Relationship, as in, mortal enemies.

I wish I had a disco ball in my room.
You get that disco ball, but it ends up your evil enemy turned it into a giant bomb, causing it to send glassy shrapnel all over your room. And you.

I wish there were no plot-holes.
Granted, but without plotholes, Megaman ceases to exist.

I wish Mario could jump on Piranha Plants to kill them. : D