The Shurcave

So while I've mentioned it to some people, I didn't get to toss it into a big group of RERN so they know what is going on with me. I recently moved out of the house and am living on my own. I'm doing fine and it's looking really swanky, but I have no internet as of now (writing this post from work). The earliest they can get me an internet connection is around the 25th of May, so that's about 3 weeks and some. As such I'll be very sparse, won't be making posts (like he did that in the first place, hahaha) and won't be on the chat as much.
If you feel a burning desire to contact me, I'm on Skype as shuryou . marchand (without the spaces) and online during work. But if you don't, that's fine too.
: D
Glad to hear it's all going smoothly, Shur. Hopefully by the time they hook you up again, you'll have been gone so long, that you'll just be itching to come back and have some adventures, right? See you when we see you!
Yay swanky digs!
Good luck with your new house adventure! Hope to see you around when you can be around.
Here's a picture I just had to upload at work, hahaha. Was too good to keep to myself.