*waves excitedly*

Hey all, just joined today. My friend Sage got me really excited to play this. Honestly looks like a lot of fun!!
Great to see you finally on here. Now getcher duff over to Registrations and write up your profiles [template provided [url=http://s10.zetaboards.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/topic/779704/1/]here[/url]] and post them up here. >:3

Also, most hours of the day there's at least some of the board regulars hanging out on the chat; you should go meet the family sometime.
Welcome, hope to speak with you soon. :V
Welcome welcome, hope you enjoy yourself. Feel free to ask anyone if you have questions. S'all great here.

Quote (Sage)

you should go meet the family sometime.
Give grandpa a kiss, toots!

Good to see another face, but I won't attempt to pronounce that nickname. You can be Gwen. I once had an idea for a character called Gwyn.EXE. She was based on penguins and carried a giant hammer. On second thought she was a lot like Kirby's Dedede. But yeah, stop by the chatroom and meet the 'family'.
At a guess, I'd pronounce it like the welsh, so, essentially similar pronunciation to the name of arthurian legend. Maybe. Might be wrong ^.^ Either way, Welcome!