Me? I just went out to buy some snacks...

So, yeah... I've been gone for a long while, about 2 years since the last battle post. Due to a relitively non-creative degree programe, I am back once again seeking the simple pleasures of writing ^_^.

I hope you've all been well and I'm looking forward to getting up to speed.

Wait, I retract all that, I never left.
Saw you in the chat but you bumped into me on the way out. Welcome back!
Welcome back, tea and scones.
Ahaha, whoah! I think it was just a month ago I was looking through old posts and thinking "man, it sucks that these people disappeared". Welcome back, guy!
Give me a week or so and I shall be up and running, then we shall see how long this return lasts haha.

Thanks for the warm welcome backs though
Oh hey, welcome back dude.
Good to hear that you're still about, Link. Hopefully I'll be able to stick around long enough to get a cross with you this time haha
Looks like a few are still here from before. I think Leiquan left before I joined.
I was around for a few months, I still remember your fledgling steps into the forum Azure
Did you get me any snacks?
You want me to head out and grab you some? I'll only be a few more years
No snacks, no Leiquan. >:I