You may now be depressed

There comes a time when superstars have to rise to the challenge and take a step away from their spotlight in order to get things done. This is such a time and the following is my story:

At school I'm incredibly lazy and don't actually finish my assignments. I ignore deadlines only to have teachers go "You can hand it in later." This later, however, never comes for us. The teachers are aware that I have the knowledge to actually finish them as I finished two internships without issues, but I don't the willpower to completely school tasks. So today two teachers came towards me and a classmate of mine, with similar issues, and offered the following deal:

"We are willing to ignore all current and previous assignments and immediately push you towards the final exam project. You will have 4 months to finish a 3D game in cooperation with an acknowledged game studio. This game must be of a quality that you could feasibly sell it on, say, Steam or others. If you succeed at this, you both will graduate. If you fail, you get kicked out of the school without ifs or buts."

We are given time to decide, but with how I'm doing the decision should be logical. We are accepting the deal and the two of us are going to turn around our entire lifestyle in order to finish this game and get graduated. But for me personally to turn around my lifestyle, I have to remove an important part of my routine. My 'nightlife'. My father knows that I've been failing to finish assignments all this time and is, without surprise, angry about this whole situation. So in order to get my father to believe me that I am completely going for this, he is removing my access to internet every day at 11:00 PM. (GMT+1)

But my daily routine has more than just my nightlife. In order for me to completely focus on working, I'll have to restrict myself from accessing RERN. But the thing that gets my attention the most of RERN is the chatroom. My classmate and I still have to finalize the ideas for the game and have a conversation with our teachers, but once we're starting to work I am going to vanish from the chatroom. Maybe through an IP ban if it's necessary. I will try my best to continue posting here and hey, maybe my posting will improve without the chatroom.

Games is something I'll have to remove too, but honestly? I'll go insane with all work and no play. I don't think I'll be around for the organized RERN plays anymore, but you may see me at SDGO or LoL once in a while. I'll continue playing it between working hours, just not as frequently.

Most of this will only take effect once I actually start the game project, but this is mostly to keep you up-to-date and for you to know what is going on. I'm not completely leaving. I'm just fixing my future. I guess you can finally call me Marty.
This might not mean much coming from me, Maar, but I believe you've got what you need. You have nearly mastered two languages, a feat many people cannot accomplish; you are smart, and when you want something, you are fairly driven. You have all the tools you need to reach forward and grab your future with your own two hands. Also...

Your name has two As, Maarty.
There are times when I need to toss fun away in order to button down and complete some assignment. It will be important to get this game done as quickly as possible with good production quality, for your future if nothing else. Good speed and see you when you are done.
Well, speaking just from experience with my Capstone, my recommendation would be to try and do some work every day and also find someone you can reach out to and talk to extensively about the subject of your work (a professor, for instance). Of course, your professors sound a little screwy sometimes, so I'm not sure how that'd work out. But it might still be worth trying! I know that having a mentor and a plant official to talk to with my project has helped me a lot.
[Throws a depression party]

Well, not much to say, I guess, except for my support. Go ahead and get your stuff lined up and organized, and make a good game. We'll await your grand Dutch return.