Uh so I'll be leaving for the Phillipines tomorrow and I'll be there until the 3rd of the New Year but luckily it is a developed country with intrawebs but I'll probably be sightseeing a lot.

I'll try to be on as much as I can. READ: FOR GOROKE. so see you all later?

[/goes to post in own mission]
Have fun, but be careful. They probably still have some damage from the typhoon, and there are some places even military folks aren't permitted to go.
How dare you take time away from a website to enjoy a beautiful foreign country? Once you get back, I'll be expecting a full written explanation of your actions.
Onward brave soldier... and bring us back something nice.
Long story short my computer basically exploded a week ago and I had been working on some i3 processor old one for a while before I got it back.

Also school's been eating me up but anyway I'm back for now.
That sucks.

Welcome back. :V