Internet is a gigantic dipshit

So yeah, my house is internetless until further notice because my ISP is dickbutt. Internet I have now is only available at university, which I can't drive to every day since my parents would dislike me wasting fuel for useless things like internet access. It also hates RE:RN chat, and makes it throw chunks of text instead of making it real-time.

Syr, I'll try to post. I apologize for the ridiculous delay.
Everyone else, have fun with other people who should be modding instead of me.
That, or just go do a mod drive... thing.

Italics are fun.
[Looks at all his modding the past couple of days]

Yeah, other people!

Quit making the board feel like some weird Twilight Zone!


Good luck, Fera.
I see what you did, here.
Its fine Fera, I understand that there are issues from time to time with the interwebs and all. Post when you can. Trent can wait until Terra has reconnected.
We shall await your return from the nether.
Internet's back up.

Hypermod is back in business.
Three cheers!
Hell yes.