More Virus Wrestling

So, while surfing the web on my parents computer, the computer notified me that EVERYTHING was infected EVERYWHERE and that OH GOD I NEED THIS SOFTWARE TO GET RID OF IT.

Naturally, malware, so I'm working on fixing it. Unfortunately, regardless of the result, I'm in deep sh*t with my Dad because this means I'm a horrible person or somesuch.

Long story short no internet. Bye, I'll be back after who knows how long. But what else is new, right.

Best of luck with that. I know what it's like dealing with stubborn parents.
Oh noes, everything is infected! Oh wait... it was because of YOU!!!

I've had that happen to me before. However, I wonder who would be stupid enough to actually buy the program advertised by the pop-up?

Also... your dad be trippin.
PA's parents overreacting!? I can scarcely believe that!

Malwarebytes. It's good. Also whatever else kind of antivirus you can throw at it, I guess.

Best of luck.
Oh, I know this one.

Malwarebytes is the best combatant.
*Victory music*

Busting Level: 7
Reward: Parental Scorn

Anyways, I thought I'd gotten rid of it yesterday, it sprang back up, I manually deleted the infection in Application Data and then updated and ran Malwarebytes again to get rid of the few things I missed.

Running it just once more to make sure things are clear, but the computer seems fine. Turns out they had no antivirus software whatsoever, and they'd never heard of this "Pirate" antivirus (Avast!).

So, I might get some leniency, they thought I was blaming them for the infection when I texted them asking what they had installed the day before, instead of just checking what files had been altered so I didn't identify something inconspicuous as Malware. Dad seems to understand, Mom was never angry, I might not get my computer privledges taken away.

But with my parents, who knows. Fera, if you can get contact with Harbin and end/continue the mission, feel free even if I'm not here.

And since this was Battle 2 in the real world that I've been virus busting, I'm pretty sure the reward should have increased. But I'm still finding no Zenny or Battlechips. How do I mine data for chips and cash? Help appreciated.
It's probably best to just format it, to be safe.