Learn to Fly Again...

Hello all! I joined this site a long, long time ago but never did any real RPing here. I wound up as an admin over at SFRP, but I really can't keep up with the constantly evolving systems over there, so I'm semi-retired.

Now that my semester is over at school, I figured I'd give this place another shot... take these broken wings and learn to fly again. I'll be adapting an underused SFRP character to this place.

So hi again, and if anyone gets the 80s reference in this post, you win thirty-seven internets.
Welcome back to RERN, Alien. We're still up and running strong, and can always use more members to RP and help expand this little world we've created. Feel free to stop by the chat to get to know some of the other members and staff, and feel free to ask us any questions about our systems etc.
Yay, good to have you back. I hope you'll enjoy your time here.
Welcome UFA, please to enjoy your stay here.