Hello I'm new here and completly confused by the system

You can and hopefully will call me by my name which is Calder but Lyca or Ninja or LycaNinja works too...
Welcome. The system can be confusing at first, the chat is a good place to go for help.
Figured that out already haha BTW whats with the achievements in your sig? Are those custom made yourself or something?
They're not. We have this silly thread in the Spam Can for them.

Welcome to the site, at any rate.
Oh thats fun...I guess...that would get annoying to update though
Ask me a question about the system, I can walk you through it.

Also, come onto the Chat:
You a bit late there bro...ive been in chat and Grim worked me through the system...thanks anyways...

Well, have fun.
I will if I ever get modded again xD
Don't expect rapid moderation. The people responsible for this site have lives as well.


*gets mobbed by staff for not following said advice*

Hello, welcome, SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD. o.o
Nothing...Sup with you?
Taking a break from moderator work and shifting to college work. :|
Well hope you succeed in your work and that I can be modded by you in the near future