Hello people

Yay! Someone finally validated me. Anyway, I'm Random1 if you didn't notice. I'm coming from SFRP but I go to Fusion as well.

Anyway, I'm trying to absorb all the rules and how things work here. I hope to RP with you guys soon.
Looking forward to having you.
Hi! Hope you enjoy your stay :3
Enjoy your time over here. Be sure to check out the chat inside the General section. If you want RP help or anything else, it's the chat~
Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here at RERN. : )
Welcome. If you have any questions about the rules, character creation, etc. feel free to let us know via PM, or stop by the chat.
Greetings and welcome to the site. If you need any help, just drop us a line.
Yep, welcome, have fun.