Just came to say hi

Hey guys howsit going?

I'm impressed that this forum is still holding and I'm even more impressed to see old faces still wandering around here.

I came to say hi mostly, last time I came here I left without any warnings, I'm too old for rping now (Who's too old for that?) and it quickly bored me so I just left. I'm a gamer so rping ain't much for me now. I'm switching between HoN and SC2 these days, work n' stuff mostly. I guess I can say that my english got way better from the time I was here.

I'm also impressed that I remembered my password, seems like I only remember things on-the-spot now.

Not much to say really, wanted to know who is still alive from my time and how they are doing.

So what's up?

(Damn DZ is such an old name now)
Com'n' back to play?
Your english has gotten better.

Everyone you probably remember is still here.

We're THAT good.
Heh, long time no see DZ.
I'm still trolling about as usual. 'Sup?
Are you mocking us, kid?

Sorry, had to get that out of my system. RERN is still going strong as usual. As for being too old, yeah. You're never too old for RPing, but if your interests place themselves elsewhere over time you'll simply switch. Nothing to do with maturity. I've RPed with people of 30+ before.
Hey there.
Yo, welcome back and all that stuff.
Hello Dizzy.
Well shit.
Welcome back, Guy-Who-Sounds-Extremely-Familiar-But-Can't-Quite-Place-Him.

Quote (Shuryou)

You're never too old for RPing.

You got that right, my gf is still rp'ing and theres a 54 years old lady there.

Well I guess I'll leave for another year or two. Glad to see everything is still holding up nicely for you guys.

Any gamer in here up for a StarCraft2 or Heroes of Newerth game, the name's LionKingMax so add me there.

Oh no you don't! Stay with us, RP again...forever...and ever...

Quote (darkstar1006)

Oh no you don't! Stay with us, RP again...forever...and ever...

Lol, even if I wanted I don't have the time, like I've already said, I'm a busy guy. Work is already tiring, but I also have my friends, girlfriend, my house to clean up all the time and HoN and SC2 to keep me busy when I'm done with everything else. I really can't bother myself to re-read all the rules of this forum again, it would take too much of my time. I also lost interest in RP (Well that aint true, but I'm talking about forum rps.).

Anyway I'll check on you guys from time to time. If I'm in the mood I'll post a thing or two around.

(Also the system is quite flawed, and that's the biggest problem on a RP Forum.)