Fera's Ins and Outs

May be out for the next week, sorry to Shin. Left some instructions in the mod cave if interruptions should occur.

~ Fera
Bam, I'm back.
Though, my comp is fudging right now with connections to RERN. ¬_¬ Flushing the DNS cache did shoot nothing, and I'm currently using a Sun VirtualBox XP virtualization. Shin, you'll get modded as soon as I'm able.

- Fera
<punches Fera's computer>
Gonna be away for Saturday morning - Sunday evening (that's Friday night - Sunday morning to you peeps) so whatever.

- Fera
*Joins Shin in punching*
And I'm back. Joyous, no?

- Fera
This is just nice. JUST NICE.
And so, 19 days from my final, I am forced to limit my activity here. Not gonna be modding that often (this may be a lie, since I'm bored to hell of studying).
Freedom comes after the one-month-long examination. Malaysians know it as the SPM.
Just wanted to let you guys know, in case my parents ninja my internet.

- Fera

Good luck with the finals and such.
Be away for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and maybe a bit of Sunday. Be good while I'm out.
Don't leave us!
I'm back, the site seems intact, home feels good, yadda yadda yadda.
Back to modding.
*looks at Crisis/Ice*

December 21 to 24 are the days that I go camping. And go around mucking up the place. And fishing, if someone happens to bring a fishing rod. So yea, we'd best supercharge our RP speed, Char.

December 26 to January 2, I go back on an extended trip to my mother's hometown way up north. There IS internet there, but it's shaky and veers between cool-hey-fast to insanely, hair-tearingly slow. So, uh, expect less activity and definitely no chat.

So okay, now that we're up to speed, let's all get back to bashing heads and stuff.

- Fera
Sorry about all the trouble, but it seems that my father has chosen a very nice Internet Shit Provider. I've eaten up all my bandwidth unexpectedly, and will probably be out of commission for a while. Maybe I can squeeze in a few hours of activity at some places, but overall, less activity to none.

Again, apologies. D:

- Fera

Edit: Probably end this period by 8th. Emphasis on probably.