Well, a simple introduction will do

Hello, chums and fellows and fine dandies alike. I am TheRedeemed, or simply Redeemed. Or The.

I found this nice little board after following a few links from a different forum, and here I am, here to join the roleplay.

I'll say this here and now, don't expect top-notch roleplay, but I'll do my best. I hope to RP with you all in the future.

Welcome! Glad I could talk you into playing ^^ And if I didn't really help at all, I at least feel cool for being first to respond xD
Finally you posted an introduction thread XD

But...I really hoped you weren't scared away from the chat...

Hiyas, enjoy yer stay and all that. Come into the chat or some other, it's in General. =)

I really like equal smilies. >=D
Yo! This is Cypher from the chat. Once you make your character, I'd like to offer my assistance in helping you get to know the ends and outs of RPing here through a busting team up. Our characters could kick some viral ass in ACDC Net or something.
Hey. It's Hiko. I'm proud to say I now spend more time doing other things than the chat! Seeing as this topic revolves around it.

If you do see me in the chat, I'll have some version of my navi's name, Enigma, because I love that word.

So. Welcome!
He speaks properly! Genius!

In any case, welcome, I'm P.A., enjoy your time at RERN.
Welcome, Redeemed. I'm Grim, the resident spriter and reaper of souls (you've already met me on the chat). Always glad to see new members! If you are looking for any Navi ideas, (or just want an honest opinion) feel free to let me know!
Ah hey, wondering when you'd make one of these.

It's Shin, from the chat. Hope you enjoy your time here. ^^