And From The Shadows, Another Appear...

Yo! Name's Kuroi Hikage, but you can call me KH, Kuroi, or even Kage if you wish to! In any case, I heard from my friend Tarkya that this place is the right choice for some Megaman RPing. Pleased to meet you all~
Hey. I'm Hiko. Good to have you.
Yoooou >|

Harro! Welcome to the site!

Welcome, newbie! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. And feel free to come to the chat!
Hey! Welcome to RERN! Hope you enjoy your stay!
Hello newbie. I am darkstar, prepare for pain that of which you have never experienced in your entire life! *THWACK* Purdy stars... *faint* *dragged off by a faceless yakuza member*
Heya, Hikage~

I hope you enjoy your stay here and make sure to make a navi so I can mod it~