Hi all, folks!

Hi all. When I registered I was playing in too many RPs around the net, - Almost all of them about Megaman - so I choosed the best ones, but anymore just one of them is still alive, actually.

Well, having I said that, I hope this site dosen't contain ex-implicit images (as far I've seen, people isn't banned for posting p. images, and my age woulden't allow me to see those images - I'm 15).

I like RP, even through I still don't talk English very well, and I don't know lots of words, so, if you RPing specifically with me, please don't use uncommon words.

I like programming, play basketball, and playing videogames (My favorites ones are Super Smash Bros Brawl and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker).

Well, that's all, folks... At least, I believe.

PS: Ah! I'm learning German, so, if you know some place where I could learn it (free). Thank for everyone that will help me.
A well-spoken new guy? Awesome.

Welcome to the boards. Not to worry; we're a community that's pretty clean of nasty images.

Mind if I ask what your first language is?

Enjoy your time here.
Hey there. I am guessing that your First language is...spanish? something along those lines? Anyways, just ask any mods, officals or admins if you have any questions.
Thanks all for the warm welcome. Not in all sites people are so nice.

darkstar1006 and English Ninja, my First language is Italian, but I have lived some years in Brazil, so I talk Portoghese very well. Ah! Thanks for your comment, English Ninja.

I've read some rules (just about Elements and some other things), but it's very clear and easy to understand, even to me.

Well, tomorrow I will start reading the battle rules (actually I'm in Italy, and now is a bit late and I have to go...) and I will make my Navi too. I have just looked the battle rules, but it seems a very "solid", well-made system.

Once again, thanks all you for the warm welcome.
It's nice that we're getting so many new people lately. Good to have you aboard! : D

If you need any help, just PM me or one of the other mods, or use the questions topic. The chat can also be convenient for it.
Welcome to RERN! If you have any questions about the rules, Navi/NetOp creation, etc., feel free to ask anyone with a blue, green, or yellow name. We also have the chat if you want to talk to us more directly.
Italian, Portuguese, English, and now German? Wow, you're hardcore. Welcome indeed.
Hahaha, I'm glad that you choose our site over the other~ And it is hardcore that you're multilingual. The whole site is like a maze for the first couple of times...So if you need any sort of help, feel free to ask around in the chat or directly ask through the PM.

Have fun, and enjoy my Raisin Bread

Hiya, newbie!

It certainly seems interesting to know so many languages. .__.

Well, I hope this forum helps you learn English! We do have some other ESLs here, and you can always hop on the chat if you have questions of any sort. I also love helping out new members, haha.

Also, after reading the rules, I would definitely get on the chat or PM some people to get things cleared up; not just me, but many other new members have had trouble understanding them.

I'd also recommend just looking through other peoples' battle threads (in the ACDC, Electown, and other Net forums) for strategy advice. Good luck!
His grammar...
It's... beautiful... ;_;

Welcome to the site! I'm PA, and as it were, I'm currently one of the less active, what with senior year of high school and Team Fortress 2 consuming my life recently. In any case, read the rules and you'll be fine, and once again, welcome!

Quote (P.A. Master)

Welcome to the site! I'm PA, and as it were, I'm currently one of the less active, what with senior year of high school and THE LIZARD LOUNGE consuming my life recently.


Quote (Hiko)

Quote (P.A. Master)

Welcome to the site! I'm PA, and as it were, I'm currently one of the less active, what with senior year of high school and THE LIZARD LOUNGE consuming my life recently.


Please. I've gone there maybe twice.
Well, maybe you should go more. Like EN. >:

Anyways, back on-topic: WELCOME NEWBIE.

Thanks for saying that my Grammar is beautiful, P.A. Master.

And I'm searching a school to learn Japanese and Russian... :rolleyes:

PS: Hiko, what is an ESLs?
Oh, right, I was wondering if you knew what that meant.
ESL stands for English-Second-Language. They use the term at lots of schools (in America), and I thought it was pretty widely known.
Shuryou, for example, knows Dutch as (first?).
Japanese and Russian? I'm currently a Japanese Major, and Harbin has ~8 years of experience with Japanese, so we could probably help you out. Also, did you make the LightMan sprite? If so, it looks really good, but the outline is a little too bright to see the boarders and minor details.
Heh, I know that... I have to adjust him... However, thanks ^^.

About Japanese... Do you know somewhere where I could learn it? Some site... Free, because my parents dosen't have a credit card... And I've asked for the nearest school where I could learn it and it's too far, so I couldn't frequent it...
You can probably find some sites that can help you learn Japanese, or find some streaming Japanese radio to get more acquainted.

And about the sprite: I made just some slight changes in the contrast. All I did was take the darkest shade of each color (orange, greenish-yellow, and gray) and made it a few shades darker.

(Original on left, edit on right)
Okay, Grim Reaper! Thanks for the help!