I was gone. Sorta.

Hey guys, I know I've been scarce lately, and I'm here to tell you why.

Well, besides the winter break from college letting me hang out with some RL friends I haven't seen in months, my girlfriend's grandpa fall and injured himself over the break. He was in the hospital for a solid week and a half, and I was there most of the time, totally ruining my sleep schedule.

Last week, he passed away, and then I was further preoccupied in preparations and being there for my girlfriend, who was very close to him.

On top of all this, I've been trying to get my next semester's classes worked out, coordinating with professors over missed classes, (the funeral was during the first week of classes) AND been trying to get my old job back, which required a bunch of paperwork and phone calls that I frankly haven't had the time for on top of my shifted sleep cycle.

SOOOO, I have been a bit busy. I've still tried to pop in to keep my admin duties up, but as far as the RP, interaction with everyone, and my training threads, (sorry, dark!) I've just been ignoring. I would take about ten minutes every other day or so to pop in, post in mod cave threads that needed my attention, do some ACP shitwork, and pop out.

Well, now things are calming down a bit. I'll be heading back to school this week, and hopefully I'll be able to straighten out the job thing over the phone, as well as catch up for the fist week's missed classes. So, I'll probably still be scarce, but I SHOULD be improving.
Wow, that sucks a lot. Glad everything's starting to straighten back out for you, though.
Glad to see you'll be back around and that you got through all that. Good luck with what you still need to do.
Wow, sure beats my 'girl drama' and midterms. xD

Good luck.
>: STEEEEVE! I'll give you more time to post, just don't expect me to hold up the entire training session for you! Though...glad everythings starting to work out in your life.
Real life comes first, always. I haven't really experienced the death of someone close, but my sympathies go to your girlfriend and her family.
Hang in there and keep at it! We're rooting for you, I think.

Nah, she's doing alright, considering. Thanks to all you guys, though.

I'm such an easy going person, that when shit hits my fan, it's a fifty pound bag of moose turd hitting one of those little hand fans on those little spritzer bottles. XD

I'll get through it.