I can't believe this site still exists, I've been gone for like, forever, and it still exists.

I've rp'ed in lord knows how many sites after I left here, I still remember this as a favorite.

So yeah, I'm back.

Time to re-read the rules and see if I need to revamp anything.
Welcome back.

And, I'm sure you'll need to revamp stuff, so if you need any help, give us a holler.
Hm, how do I revamp? >_>

Do I edit my profiles, or do I resubmit them, or something along those lines.
mostly, you might have to redo your signature attacks, i'm sure the rest of your profile is fine, but, mainly, if you had the old 1.0 sig system with your characters, you'll have to turn those sig(s) into a 60 point signature attack, though, those old upgrades allow a refund for, I think, what you paid for them.
Don't forget that Boomerangs can contain 40% Metal.

Welcome back.
Oh jesus, I remember her now!

Nice, RS, remembering the awesome Boomerang fact. I'd use it, were it not now a cheap copy.
I returned the other day as well. Although I don't know you, welcome back!
(I thought P.A.Master was gone or something...)
Ha ha, I still actually have some cross points with you that I could add into my sig. XD

Unless you're changing navis or something.
Hey^^ I'm preety sure you don't know me, cause...I barely remember you >_>

Anyhow, glad to see alot of previous members suddenly coming back. Hope you enjoy it here

Quote (AimMan)

Ha ha, I still actually have some cross points with you that I could add into my sig. XD

And one day, Meleeman finally caught "The Gay."

Rainbows + Meleeman people, think about it.
Sweet, everyone still remembers me and my awesome 40% metal boomerang battle chip fact XD.

It's true! Spread teh word >:D.

Now, since I'm back from school, it is time to read whatever new rules there are.