Hi, I used to do stuff here

Im baaaccckkk....Kinda.

Im sorry to of been so long, or to be much of a bother while I was here until crap happened.

A: My computer blew out for the summer. Nothin happens when I press the power button on my tower *everything else still works*

B: Im sorry for the drama to follow, but I do feel you all need an apology:


C: Im sorry for not RPing and making really stupid excuses for it. I really didnt know why I didnt and I still dont. I made alot more drama and made myself seem stupider and that I hated this site. I've found that I have to have a mary sue character to enjoy said character, and I may just give up trying to RP altogether soon (we all know that I'll just come screaming "SORRY SORRY I WANNA RP" again, maybe, MAYBE make one post and go back to being a non-RPer.).

D: Im sorry for all of my shitty ideas and character crap. Once again I only seem to like mary sue characters, plus I felt like I had to do something if I wasnt RPing.

E: Im sorry for not knowing whats popular around the internet, and always pulling old, unfunny jokes on all of you when I find out about them. I just suck at being cool/win/ect (that last statement was NOT some sign of serious self destructive depression like you people like to claim at me)

Anyways, since school is in session again I can have constant compy access, broken home compy or not. I hope to go back to annoying you with my constant uses of :3 soon.
While I don't really understand why there's a need for apologizing for anything... And I don't really mind if you're around or not... And the things you're 'apologizing' for are a bit odd. Come on, I know plenty of people on this site who are made of fail but aren't badly treated. Well, at least not by me... All I dislike, really, is nonsense about a spiritual world or dream walking or crap like that with the person seriously believing it. I may, or may not, confuse you with Niax but I tend to do so often. <,<;
That makes my mind burn btw.

I tend to forget my noob days until everyone I know starts talking about how I always do [INSERT ACTION NOT DONE FOR AT LEAST A YEAR].

I do have a tendancy to over apologize, but belive me, It took alot for me not to write alot more about that.

Besides, I need to explain Im not going to RP for a simple, non-stupid reason that makes me look like I hate RE:RN and stuff <_>...

but FYI - I am a new Commondragon *again*
Apologize for apologizing, you obviously insensitive bastard. >:0


I was wondering where you went.
I don't hate you!

Enh. Do your best to RP anyways. Having fun can never hurt...
Like me. I'm not made of win or anything, either. : D

It's maaaagic. :3
Welcome back Common...

Now, as for the smily thing notice that there's a check box that says "Enable Smilies." You just cast an arrow, a left click, and it's simply amazing!
Who are you again?


I wondered where you went off to. Now I know.
I knew everyone was wondering, but I have one of those parents who thinks that everyone else has infinant patience when it comes to the internet, so I couldnt give a heads-up during the summer, and I kinda ended up forgetting till school started again.

Anyways, besides looking for a new avi (which probably wont come until I get my computer fixed, but its stuck in one of those bad, cycle, thingys...) I might try to RP again, but not until I can actually type more than a sentance per RP post.
Aw, fishticks.


Welcome back.