Hey there all. Mah' name's Kriegslied. Call me Jan though (my username's an arse to pronounce x_x).
Heyo, Janus.

Wait, er...

Fear Twi. That is all.
*is appalled by the blasphemous avatar*

You're mean *is a Christian at heart*. D:

'Salright. So long as you're respectful of the Church of Google, here, we won't do much.

In any case, welcome to the site! Try to have fun, and be sure to dodge the casually thrown shoe when you enter the chat.
hello, hope you has fun. and, please, if you want to kill hiko for any reason what so ever, please do so. I will be very greateful to you.
I hate to burst your bubble...
But you're retarded.
This is Janus. My event partner?
Good to see ya Janus. If you neglect Makai, I'll murder you.
And that is why Dark would be thankful if Janus kills you Hiko :'D

And yo Janus.

I'm an Atheist so don't hate me.

See ya around.

Eh, screw it.

Hey, I know you.
Everybody's so friendly. *feels somewhat special*

*checks character sheet*

Kriegslied: [krihgs-leed] I think it sounds cool. xP

To Planey: *stares at avatar* Oh my.

To Zanallen: And neglect Lord Zetta? Never!

To DarkZero: I won't~

To Darkstar: Heheh, I'll keep that in mind.

To Hiko: Don't be mean. *gives Hiko a carrot cake*

To P.A. Master: I keep an open mind. *is a member of the Buddhas for Christ* xD

To RevivedSin: Danke (German for "Thank You").

To EN: ...You do?! :O

Quote (Kriegslied)

Kriegslied: [krihgs-leed] I think it sounds cool. xP

Yes, but what's it mean?

[too lazy for Babelfish or that nonsense that never translates properly]
It's faulty German (because I don't know how to speak or write in German... oh, the irony!), meaning "War Song."
Sup, Kriegslied. I took a few years of German in high school, but it is rapidly being replaced with the Japanese I am learning in college...

Nicht gut desu... dammit!

Oh yeah, welcome to RERN.
Hmmm...What happened to Four? He's just find of disappeared.
I'll stick to Dutch. OORLOGSLIED. Eh, doesn't sound properly. Anyway, you know me... At least, I presume you do.
Meh, Four's been busy with a few things. Oh well. xP