Uta is here

well i am new here you can call me wither Uta or shadow654204
I think I'll just go for Shadow, minus the numbers.

I'm Hiko... I have two suggestions for you.
1. Run your posts through Microsoft Word or another word processor before you post in the RP.
2. Try to describe things as well as you can. You may want to see The Great Net War in Electown Net for good examples.

(God, you did. Grammar shows up, grammar goes out a window)

Welcome, welcome, and let it be known that we give all equal chances, here. That meaning you will not be spared if you post badly, nor will you be condemned for all of eternity if you begin posting well after starting slowly.
This would be a friend of mine in real life, he can get a little over-excited, but he's a good guy. Give him a chance to prove himself. Plus, me and him are gonna do a rant on censorship sooner or later.
...A rant, eh? And a friend of Darkstar's?
I'll be sure to watch for the rant, just remember that over-soapboxing can be frowned upon.
Meh. The rant is, for the most part, our opinions with a few facts put in here and there to help justify our opinions.
Dark's friend?
Just kidding mate.
Also. Watch out for Twi.
dark has friends? I never knew.

Also, since when was a huge string of numbers awesome?
oh just so you all know the names are not english thier japanese Uta the japanese word for destruction and zetsubou the japanese for despairs and trust me when i start posting more you will like how much detail i can put in just ask darkstar1006 he has seen some of my work and the number don't ask where it came from long story
...I can see how you became friends.

Anyway... Yoh. I'm Shuryou. One of the forum zombies.
Hm. Long story as for the number, long run-on sentence.
Don't worry, I think the quality of your RP'ing will get its just rewards. I'll make sure of it.
<thwaks PA over the head with a soft, fluffy pillow>
Don't get too high and mighty.
Welcome to the site. Follow the rules, read them all, normal stuff.
Enjoy your wacky stay.
Yeah, I knew about the word-names already, just because I'm that much of a freak about Japanese.

Anyway, I'm Phoenix. I'm resident Narutard here, and damn proud of it.

*goes off to find his daily Naruhina fix*
wan not being all high and mighty
Sup, I'm Grim. Welcome to RERN.