Anyone remember me?

Yea, hi. I was a member back at Chaos network and decided to look it up again and found out that it was GONE!
So anywho, just wondering if anyone here remembers me.
I had a Navi named Dove.EXE.
I remember Druidman, Americaman, and that's about it.
Hah, I came four days before the demise of RE:CN.

Hello, new-oldcomer or whatever! I'm Hiko, or yahiko9040, or hikokun337.


Beware of (SIMPLIFIED):

It ended up being this whole ego thing, so I gave up on it and gave you the worst two to watch out for. English Ninja (EN) is also quite dangerous when angry.

So, have fun, RP, etc etc etc.
hello thar new member! call me darkstar, dark, or whatever pops into your head. welcome back and hope you enjoi your stay.
Unfortunately, I don't remember you. >:
But welcome back, enjoy your stay, and have fun, though the "have fun" part might be a little edgy due to the event.
Enjoy your stay.
Woah, woah, what?
A guy from RECN that doesn't remember me?

Yeah, not surprising. I'm not a face that sticks out. Anyways, I'm PA, welcome back, re-register, keep some chips.
I came here after RE:CN so I don't know you...

But a Diva-Licious welcome to you good sir!
Dove, huh? That rings a bell somewhere in the back of my mind...

Anyway, welcome back. A lot has changes since CN, so I'd advise you to read up on all the new rules. Have fun!
All of above agreed with. Be advised, there are some names that arent listed there that you should beware.

Oh and if you have any questions or what not, we do have a chat going so come on in and I'm sure someone like Majin, or Pally would (probably) be willing to help you with something

To the chat!

The chat is in the sig of that profile.

Also the Red Text is a lie.

Also the chat seems to be the domain of Shur and mainly Twi.

Anyway, welcome back, though its hard to say that I remember you.
"Dove.EXE" sure is familiar. I remember the name, and remembering the Navi makes me half-remember the user. Anyway, hai.
Well, I'm glad some people remember me.
And is it possible to get back my previous account? To tell you the truth, I'm not really up for creating a whole new thing again. I can log into CN, but some message pops up saying that it closed down.
it's completely gone dude. no one can access it. but all it is now is just a blank forum.