Hopefully this will be the last time...

Yeah...I dissapeared once again. Now I'm back and ready to be more active...

So...yeah. Fanman shall return to the netbattling circuit.

*This is the last time I'll dissapear as well. You will see me around here more.*
Good! I love it when people RP.
Hello, again.
IT'S YOU!!!!!!!

Quote (Niax)

IT'S YOU!!!!!!!

Like, hello gentlemen.
All Zero Wing references aside, welcome back.
HEY DARKY! YOUR BACK! also, gonna have to chance attack around a little, but other than that, you should be fine.
All your zenny are belong to us. You have no chance of event - make your time.
@Hiko:*Gets joke reference but doesn't understand if your trying to tell something*

@Starrie:DARKIE I TELL YOU!!! And I changed it because it was a slang term for a black person even when i used the name it wasn't meant for that at all...It was meant to be like dark user or something...But whatever...