It's good to be back.

It's partially great to be back.
It's good for you, maybe...

Just please. PLEASE.
Or at least try on them.
Hey Darkrai, do I know you from Pokemon Sprite Resource?

I don't see it...
Hello there. Again.
Post deleted, and sent to you. Writing goes in Fanart and Fanfiction.
You're getting a warning, but not a warn. Don't let it happen again.
Welcome back. >:\
oh. goody. your back. please stop being an uber newbie and read the rules, all the way, it will net you respect around here.
Hi, Darkrai. It's partially good to see you back.

Also note that I am not going to redo the other chapters of Darkfall.
Darkrai, if you want to be respected more, here is a quick tip. READ ALL THE RULES AND MAKE A WORKING NAVI. RP a bit and look at how others RP so you get the idea of how to do so.
EDIT: 'It's good to be black.'
Damnit, Shury!

Welcome to you, noisy child.

Surreptitiously, I give a murmur of discontent.
Hello Darkrai...I don't really know you, or much of anyone here since I'm well kept...

But for once...I think this is a good thing.

*sinks into the shadows*

Will Darkrai be able to shun off his reknowed medal?

Find out: Soon!
LEave him alone people!
Fine...the common one is right. We shall retract any darkness shed behind our words of welcome, but the looming warning remains about your past endeavor's influence.


ROFLMAO @ the medal.

That is truly rewarding in a disturbing way.