Twi banned? WTFUX?

Just so everyone knows, I'm not quitting because Twi was banned or something stupid like that. He dictated this to me over AIM since he obviously can't do it himself.

Quote (Twi)

Well, THIS is a real fun image to wake up to after going to bed the night before early 'cause of stomach trouble. And I didn't even get one of those complimentary e-mails that tells me why. Awwww. 
Ah well. Be back to bash you all with the purple hammer again in a week. Chat comes back then too.

Also, I'll be on AIM if anybody wants to talk.

Because of his rape post he did for Kuja.

Quite frankly, any normal member would've been banned, and he is a a goddamn admin.

He should have known better.
Indeed. I don't know much about what happened myself, but taking the chat away as punishment is wrong in my eyes. I'd never remove the tab wizard if I got banned for breaking the rules, that is just a petty childish revenge.

Would a new chat without a main owner be an idea?
I think the point was more that he saw himself banned but had no idea why. To make the point he removed chat.
Twi responds and I've become his goddamn messenger for the moment.

Quote (Twi)

Knight: "the 'rape post' got me a double-warn. Not a triple."

Drakim: "I only took it away because, unlike your Tab Wizard (Which is awesome, BTW, thank you), I can't use it currently and I'm PAYING for it. Also, I'll prolly put it back up when I hear a valid reason for why they banned me."

Well, did you do anything else thats ban worthy? You didn't as far as I know. Who decided on your 2 level warn anyway (and how would you keep track of it, since admins can't be warned at all)? Anyway, I bet that you'll get a letter of explanation soon enough.

EDIT: sorry, didn't see that thing in your signature..

On a side note, I don't really know how the chat works, but... You can you turn the chat off, and change the room greeting when you say you can't even access it? I mean you just linked it here, doesn't that mean you can check it somewhere else? Not accusing you of anything, just asking.
He as access to controls for it from whatever site he got it from, but I am not aware of how far those controls go. Obviously far enough for opening messages.

Probobly moderation and other such settings aswell.

I invite people to use this temporarily.
Someone guide Twi to this link too so he can continue to talk with us normally, even though it's not his 'domain'.

Correction: The paid chat is back up.
Twi discovered the other PC on his LAN still works, so he's apparently not IP-Banned.

Either way, I'll be on the chat.

twi is exploiting every loophole he can to avoid being off's not right.....he should take his ban like a man like i did months ago. also mind explaining why you banned me from the chat here?
Whoops, forgot to undo that.


Fair enough, if it was only because you didn't know why you were banned, I hold no grudge.
I'm not sure if everyone understands the situation too much. Let me grab some quotes I was given from the mod cave.

From Demon:

Quote ()

On one hand: Classless.
On the other: Provoked (if my sources are right)

My thoughts: Both were out of line. Probably started as a joke, escalated.

Verdict: Don't joke about raping other people's Navis. Done deal.

Proposed conclusion:
Warn to Kuja. (Provoking Twi)
2x Warn to Twi, further acts revoke Adminship (as he has stated in first post).

Done deal?

From Kazu:

Quote ()

QUOTE (Demonstar @ Aug 14 2007, 05:28 PM)  On one hand: Classless.
On the other: Provoked (if my sources are right) 
Yes, I think this is what was warranted by this event.

So, in other words, two of our top guys had already given out punishments. The issue was settled. Twi had learned his lesson and this was not going to happen again. Twi knew that if he pulled anything like this again, he was going to be brought down to the position of a member. However, one Admin took it upon himself to over rule this decision. He figured that his authority was more than the others who had already cast judgement upon these actions. One must assume that, according to this person, the Root Admin holds all authority on the forum and that his word is law. Does this sound familiar to anyone here?

Let me make another comparison to furthur my point. Back on CN, one member had gotten three warns and thus incured a week long ban, which was perfectly warrented given the situation. Now the person who had been given complete authority on this matter tried to talk to the offender over IM to try and cool things down, but recieved the response that was along the lines of, "Shut the hell up, asshole". This made the ban jump from a week to a month, because he got insulted over IM. Yet another example of abusing authority which was eventually revoked by the others who had also been granted power, which is the long run, proved to be a wise decision.

Now I have one point to make: Back on CN, Eon was a mod. This decision was greatly fretted over and the only reason it was allowed was because Kazu, out head admin, promised that he would closely watch his friend to make sure he didn't do anything crazy. Modship was all most of us would ever allow Eon to gain. However, someone needed to register this back up site and that someone, for reasons that I do not know, just happened to be Eon. So in other words, it was not the general consensus that caused Eon to be ranked as high as he is, but just simply circumstance. Right now, he is using authority that he should not even have.

In summery, while Twi may have done a very bad thing, he has not betrayed the board in such a manner as Eon has. Twi did not overstep his bounds and Twi has not gone the path of Nalerenn or DarkZero. Twi has earned his rank and not just recieved it purely by luck. The real person at fault here is not Twi, but EonOmega. So you see. my fellow members, the real issue on Twi's ban is not the rape of Hitokiri, but the authority that Eon has just decided he has. I now ask you to rethink your opinion on the matter.
Newsflash: Kazu apparently agrees with Eon. *Headdesk*
This is what I posted in the Mod-Cave.

I've taken the path of least resistance during my entire career as Admin, fighting with diplomacy instead of persistance, pushing only what was dead, and not what was opposed.

That's why I agreed with Eon. Please consider my position. Had I gone against Eon, I would've ended up having to defend Twi. I would ban anyone for what he posted, especially a staffer. But Twi? It's much harder to ban Twi, as we're seeing right now. All I can say now is that I hope Twi loses his position, comes back ready to be one of us again, and... eventually... gives it a rest.

Quite simply, I can't defend Twi. I won't, not when it means overlooking what should probably result in a perma-ban.

In other words, I'm a coward for not banning Twi did as soon as I saw what was happening. I didn't, because, as I told Eon, I prefer not to do that kind of thing unless I can point the finger and shift the burden onto someone else.

Judge me as you will; I know that I was wrong too.
I think there's too much drama on these boards as it is but it's still entertaining to watch in a sadistic sort of way.

I also think most people would learn their lesson with even a 1-day ban just so they know that SOME type of action has been taken against them. It's not as if he'd risk doing the same thing again if it was clearly pointed out to him that what he did was unacceptable. It's Twi; he's random, but rational and reasonable if you talk to him normally and seriously.

Anyways, I could drag this on but I don't want to take it too seriously or get too involved.

EDIT - One more thing, I think it's harsh of Majin to compare Eon to a certain exonerated dictator without understanding the whole story.
Path of least resistance? In a leader? How pathetic. A leader is put in place to lead and govern the people, to maintain order, to protect. A leader is strong in place of those who have no real power. They need to stand up for what's right and not for what's popular. Kazu, your way of just going with whatever seems easiest is deplorable. If we did what was easiest, we'd still be back at CN, letting Nalerenn keeping us as his bitches. If you can't decide for yourself what is right and wrong, needing other people to decide for you, then just shut up because your opinion isn't worth listening to anymore. Remember, morals are something you decide for yourself, not something that someone just hands to you.
Wow, that's... Even harsher.

I thought Kazu was supposed to be one of many higher-ups, like a board member in a council - one with no explicit leader.

You guys gotta stop being so angry and insulting...
So, let me get this straight. Twi said something that would get normal people warned, but Eon decided that an admin should know better and gave him a more severe punishment? That's the opinion I drew, mostly from MB's posts.

Any chance I could get a link to where Twi said the stuff that got him in trouble?
Luckily for all, EN blasted it off the face of the net.