Hello there everyone!

You can all call me Miranda or Rae. Either works fine really, hehe. Anyway, I'm new here so I thought I would say hello. Um, about me...Well, I like to write and I have dreams of becoming an author, writing short stories mostly. Anyway, I am always on the look out for any good writers that I may learn from, so help me out alright? Gee, I'm kind of nervous. I hope my character is acceptable. Hehe, well, that's all from em for now.
Yoh, we've already met in the chatroom. I'm Shuryou and stuff. Hope you'll enjoy staying on this forum, watch out for crazy people though... And don't believe them if they tell I'm one of the crazy people. <_<
Don't worry! My brother says I'm kind of crazy myself. :ph43r:
We've met as well. In the chat, I am known as...wait for it...


Sorry, I like doing that for some reason. Also, I'm the resident metalhead.

I already said this, but BEWARE THE TWI. TWI IS EVIL!
*Pulls out notes* Twi is evil! Got it! But, who's Twi?
hi. here is more for your notes. megaman rocks and it takes alot to do stuff around here and im new and you is cool.

Quote (Mirandarae)

*Pulls out notes* Twi is evil! Got it! But, who's Twi?

An eerie, chuckling voice suddenly spoke from behind Miranda. "That, my friend... is the right question." The landscape surrounding her faded away, and the black void that remained was quickly replaced by a solid purple mass that spanned every direction. A pair of floating, yellow eyes appeared in the purple mass, and a serpentine grin accompanied them, resting slightly below the piercing gaze. Then, with a sudden whirl of energy, the purple mass all swirled inward and compacted into the shape of a man.

That man was Twi.


Right, trying-hard-to-be-impressive short RP introductions aside, I'm Twi, one of the Admin Triumvirate. Pleased to meet ya.

Enjoy your stay. As I summon hordes of viruses upon your character for you to kill!
<tazered by Eon>

Eon: Quick! He's been watching too much Higurashi! Sedate him!
Roar. I am SK. I roar on occasion, and dabble in the arts of banditry, extortion, and racketeering.

Also, since you're on the chat, you should probably start to phear PSI Blues, and my large arsenal of incomprehensible attacks.

Oh, and the Awesome Squad. >: D

<eats some MeleeFish and takes a break>

Anyway, HAI. I'm the resident ninja-lady-thing.


Um, yes. I'm quite dull, aren't I.

I pretty much live on the chat room, so hopefully you'll be able to get a better sense of my many facets of awesome whilst in conversation there.

Hello, er...*peers down spectacles on nose*...Rae?
Yes, if I'd gotten here first...I'd have warned you...
This site posesses an English Ninja, a Twi, and a Shuryou!
Be careful, newcomer...


Quote (Mirandarae)

She has small, perky breasts...firm bosom...

I'm REALLY looking forward to your posts...>_>
Ignore him.

Anyways, welcome. I'm P.A. Master, local... well, nothing really. I'm most well known for... uh... well, that's nothing again. I'm looking at your registration, and judging by the fact that you got it completely correct, with good descriptions and proper grammar, I'm going to say that you'll fit right in here with the rest of the good RP'ers.
*face is squished*
That was a joke, P.A....
That's like four jokes people have taken seriously now, damnit!
What about the kitty I gave the newcomer?

um... Hey. I'm Roguen, affectionately known as Jean... Or Sy, if you're Twi.

DON'T POST YET! I'M NOT DONE!!! *barates computer*


Anyway... Twi isn't that bad... sometimes... Well, he's fun to mess with. Shur isn't that bad either.

So anyway... *mutters* stupid computer

Hi, I'm Jean, and I'm Kazu's girlfriend. It doesn't mean anything except I'm usually rping with him. Well, that and my sig is H4X.

Eon don't hit me. *hides*

And one final thing, are you female? No offense, but I keep thinking that some people are female when they aren't and male when they aren't. I'm kinda stupid like that. ^_^'
Or Jean/Ro if you're me.

Hey, I'm the resident old fart of the boards. Don't worry about the insanity, there's plenty of it here to go around. So far it sounds likeyou're going to fit in just fine.

Hope to bump into ya on the Chat sometime soon.
I know you're not talking to me, but my chat isn't working for the next month!! *cry* *will try to download the new java... * *evil grin*
I wondered why you weren't in here with us. Hope it works.
It's so depressing!!! But it says in my going away on vacation thread that I posted here.... WHY DOES NOBODY READ IT??

Just kidding.
Hia. I'm Drakim. People here worship me. A dose of fear/awe will probably keep you safe. Happy posting.
I sure as hell don't, phony!