Yeah, this is just another... "Hi, I is a n00b, luv meeeee!!!!111one" thread.

And no, my name is not Bob, nor am I a God of Insufficient Light (or any other amount of light between adequate and non-present).

Just want to say "Hi", which should have been taken care of already.

About me:
Minimal knowledge of Rockman.EXE... I've played MMBN 6 (both versions) about half-way through. So I know enough to get by, I hope. Battle system here doesn't seem to be tile-based, but it does require heavy mod interaction. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I've only had bad experiences with this form of combat moderation. I'm hoping that's just my bad luck though.

Working on my registration info right now. Trying to come up with a way to combine the Electric main type with the Wind subtype without going into a stereotypical "storm" reference.

I like pie. Who doesn't?

I also heard people here tend to be on the insane/geeky side. --Wipes away a tear-- I may have just found home!

I'm lunarlion! CHIBI MASTAH and the crazy monkey girl!

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I also heard people here tend to be on the insane/geeky side. --Wipes away a tear-- I may have just found home!

You forgot 'secretly perverted' and 'evil'.

@Lunar: Monkeys are awesome! Therefore you gain a +2 to first impressions! Congrats!

@Twi: Well, I thought those went without saying. The internet is for porn, after all.

EDIT: Twi, utilizing Mismagus gives you a +3 in the "OMG Drooool!" category!

Welcome to the boards. I hope to see lots of great RPing out of the name Kemix for once in my life. XD

At any rate, welcome. Don't let the standard 'welcome-noobs' scare you, they don't get out in public much.
I don't get out in public much either.

So it all works out.

Just gotta hope I get a grasp of the world quickly so I don't look like too much of a n00b.
Why hello there! I bid ye welcome.

Apparently, the flow of literate new members is steadily increasing.


Also, if you manage to use capital letters and grammar, grasping the basics won't be too difficult. It also helps if you can bullshit techno babble when talking about the net, since the writers of the original pulled out random things from basically thin air... basically anything goes, till you refrain from godmoding.

Good luck, have fun!

Quote (Knight)

It also helps if you can bullshit techno babble when talking about the net, since the writers of the original pulled out random things from basically thin air.

Mwahahahahaha! I don't have to bullshit! I speak techie well enough to confuse most 35 year olds! --Insert more maniacal laughter here. Basically just enough to prove I'm nuts, but not so much that it gets boring. You know, villainous, yet hinting at a speck of light still hidden within the depths of my shadow-laced heart.--

Ahem... And just to make your brain hurt...

I m teh bst!!!! Ull nevar beet m1!!! LOLZ!

(Actually, writing that made my brain hurt...)

EDIT: Just got done downloading Hare Hare Yukai! --Dances Gleefully--
Oh yeah, almost forgot:

lolz neuwb, hrry pu nd maek a charz so I can ownzorz yuorz ass!!!!11111on LAWL :DDDDDDDD
Actually, it's all ready for inspection... Just waiting on a mod.

Kind of lame by my standards, but I tend to hate anything that I make... So hopefully it's at least decent by the standards here.
Kemix was... darky's Chaos Network character, yarr?

Good day sir. We hope you have fun, and also...
*Hands kermix dark repelent*
Use it well.

And don't let my navi bleed on you.

....And if you reg is lame by your stantders, I wounder what it would be if it meet them. In fact, I think your the only person that has formated it like that, or even put in the stats and junk in there req, and they are correct. Just one thing, you sould get rid of the no gust thing when cooling down, because the can't dodge does not bring it over the cap.
Just my two cents.

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*Hands kermix dark repelent*

Kermix? --Twitches like he's going to rip something in half.--

You're lucky your avatar is Sylar, or I'd have to have kicked you in the junk...
......Sorry, kemix....
I'd run around while shouting you're Darkstar who is trying to create a double account, BUT... You write too good. I be Shuryou, the Forum Retard.
Also... How did you get the nickname of Kemix? Wondering if it's the same as with Darkstar.
Always thought it waskind of a Nobody word for Mike.
Ale+X=Axel (Sadly, not of the Akutare style. ;~; )

So, if I'm right, we have yet another Mike on the forums. D:

<changes name to Montcalm>

Anyway, welcome, dood. I must admit, you're the first Mike I know of (myself excluded) who doesn't bring a pox upon our good name... Okay, maybe not the first, but the others aren't anyone you know.

I'm SK, the macabre dood with no heart. But I make up for it with copious awesome and a Prinny Panzer of which I am the sole designer, mechanic, and copyright holder. : D

Ain't nothing gonna give guff to a man with a tank stuffed to the gills with highly combustible penguins!

Quote (Kemix)

The internet is for porn, after all.

Welcome, I'm Hiko.
Oh, and that's what I was thinking, Shuryou...
Ah. Has Dark posted yet? He's the most abused member on here...but I think I was previously at that status...
*pats dark*
I'm trying to make him NOT abused...*explodes all dark-repellants*
To be fair, Dark brings most of the abuse upon himself. Literally. The ratio of how many times someone shoots Dark to how many times he shoots himself is pretty huge.
But, he is abused pretty much.
*looks at empty bottles of Dark-Repellant at his feet*
Isn't that a tad mean?
Hi there. I'm Blue.

I like pie, too.
That rhymes.
But this doesnt.

See, i guess you could count me in the partially insane group.
Not not geeky or perverted.

Meece to night you.