Learning by Osmosis??

Yeah, I've got a small problem.

You see, I'm going to college to become an even bigger geek than I am now (making lotsa money). Now, I'm doing fairly well, four-oh and all...

BUT: I have this teacher in my math course who's just stopped teaching. Period. And he's not about to start teaching again any time soon. He's been paid, his bases are covered, and now, he doesn't have to do any work to make money, only show up in class. Tis a sad, sad truth that there are people out there like this. <_<

Put simply: This is a 5 chapter book. We've covered chapter 1.

Ergo, I now have 3 weeks to teach myself roughly 80% of the course material before the final exam, and do it well enough to pass. This isn't going to be easy. /swt


I will have to pull out of both DnD campaigns, and possibly let my Navi get deleted in the Darkchip event (which irks me). *EXPLETIVES* /rawr

My apologies, but I gotta do what I gotta do to pass. Yano?

And hopefully I will prove to be both an excellent teacher and quick learner so I can come back and participate before the better part of a month passes. Wish me luck.
O_O; Man, that's pretty tough...

Good luck. Hope to see you finish out the Darkchip event, but I completely understand if that's not possible.
Good luck Paladin....
...And god speed
Good luck, Paladin.

Best of wishes from all of us.
ouch......hope that you teach yourself! anyways.......MATH IS POWER! *shot* what!? i love math!
Good luck to you!
Damn, that shouldn't be allowed...
Stupid lazy bastard! (teacher)
O.O;;;;; Wow, that's horrible sire. I wish thee the best of luck and hope that the issue turns out in your favor. May ye be blessed!

Dear lord Pally...
<grabs a male cheerleading costume and puts it on.>
Go kick some mathematical keister.
Haah... Can't stand people like that. I guess I've sort of gotten the good end of things so far when it comes to teachers, seeing as the worst I've had were, in chronological order, violent and neurotic (at once, these aren't two teachers) and sort of really dumb (although kind of nice, in a bumbling grandmother sort of way.)

Self-important rambling aside... Can't you contact the Dean and get him to temporarily asign another teacher to the class? I'm not quite sure how college works yet.

Still, that's too selfish even for me to handle. He's been paid, he's either got tenure or he's retiring, so he's just gonna boot the future of the doods who depend on him into the well? This isn't Sparta anymore. He should feel some sense of responsibility... Maybe he's just a sociopath. : P

But I'm not helping the problem at all by channeling my unending fury into the keyboard. Best of luck, Pally. From what you've demonstrated of your thinking skills here on the board, I can tell you'll pull through.

I've just ended this quarter, and have a 95% on my final exam to show for all my hard work, and an "A" for the class. I'm now off for a week or two, and happier for it.

I'm glad that's over.

My next math teacher is one of the really good kind. So, while the work will be harder, at least I will be taught this time.

That being said, my activity should rise again, and the Colosseum should be fully up and running over the course of the weekend.

Life is good.
PALADIN TAUGHT HIMSELF! YAY! MORE TIME FOR YOU!!! *shot* ouch......at least you have the coloseum up now.....*shot once again*