Yeah, So Like I'm Totally Here...

...And I totally am so psyched! I love to like totally talk in prep-language, so like...get use to it! Duh! Lol


God, I think my own organs ruptured from that display. Allow me to regain my respect as a newbie member. Hey there, I'm The Wicked Clam, but everyone either calls me Clam, Clammeh, or Clam-kun. I'm an aspiring novelist and so I RP alot, and that's why I'm here. Oh, and I'm a Junior in High School, 16 years old, and I'm African American! *Pauses for dramatic gasps* And...that's it.
You are liek, totally welcome n00b, lawlz :DDDDDDDDDDD

Its always good to see some new blood on the boards. We have a bunch of aspiring writers like yourself, so I guess you'll enjoy your stay.

Also, you'll have to fight DNR for the title of the token afro-american noob. As you can see I'm not kidding. This is a serious matter that needs to be resolved. Liek, totally serious.



Anyway, welcome to RE:RN. Hurry up and post so we can start playing.
Like, oh my gawd! Hi! Like, I have totally seen that name somewhere before. DO you go to the mall? How did you find us? And like, enjoy yourself, okay? Totally!
DNR's latino, Knight.
Welcome Clam-kun, I am the resident pedophile RevivedSin.
Enjoy your stay here.
No, I'm not bi, nor am I gay, that would be Kazu, over there.
Have fun.
You're not happy, RS?

Kazu seems happy enough, so I suppose he is indeed gay.

Hello, new person. You may kiss my feet and make lavish meals for me.
[/heavily delusional]
Kazu, however, asserts his heterosexuality despite his rather odd and open-minded method of making a name for himself.

RS beat me to it. LordMaroin is latino, and you can't really compete with me, Eon, and Theo for the title of "token ethnic minority player."

Anyway, welcome to the site, and I do hope you enjoy your stay. You're one of the first intelligent newbies we've had in a while, so don't worry. Your reputation is automatically pretty good.

I'm the resident metalhead. Listen to the songs in my sig if you doubt me.
Woo 'n stuff.

Huzzah, Clammeh, resident shellfish!

For me i'll be the resident.... Kurbee. Yay! Happy taim!

As for the aspiring novelist bit, you'll have to look forward to speaking with Zanallen and myself, as we consider ourselves the writers of the board. A new challenger is always welcome! If you find have something that you'd like to put up for review or just something fun, you can put one of your own pieces of writing in the Fan-Fiction section of the general chat. If it's a short story, it's got a pretty decent chance of getting read and reviewed. Then again, if it's long... Well, I'll probably get around to it eventually, but I might be the only one unfortunately, heh.

Anyway, welcome to the site. If you have any questions about the RP itself, feel free to ask around or PM a helpful member. It's best that you just read over the rules yourself, but there are a few obscure rules that are harder to find. Again, if you have any questions, feel free. I'll be more than happy to answer 'em myself as a matter of fact. You've already gotten your character approved, so you're on your way to becoming a contributing member to the site already! What's left to say but, "Good luck and good hunting!"
Nyar! Welcome! I am P.A. Master, or just PA for short!
I'm the resident...
...child RP'er?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I have the only child navi.
Or at least, the only person with a navi that has a child's mind. And an adults mind.

Welcome. And... uh... yeah. Get to RP'ing!
Well, there's RS' Red Riding Hood for a child navi. Not sure if I'm right, though; can't say I've paid much attention to little Red.

Anyway, hi. I'm SK, audiophile par excellence. I also keep a force of pure entropy underneath my most jaunty of fedoras, but my impossible (no, I do no mean to type impeccable. It really is impossible; it should not exist) hair cushions me from the more corruptive forces that issue forth.

Anyway, always nice to have someone new on the forums, especially someone who's literate, respects other people, and doesn't create multiple accounts and magical morphing excuses for those accounts. (I'm two people, I swear!)

Hiya, nooblet. I'm EN, the board's resident female. (Lunar and Cindy just visit. I live here. Back me up on this one, chat room buddies.) I must admit that it's been a bit of a while since we last saw an actually literate newbie. I like what I saw in your registration, and I rather look forward to modding you.

First thing you need to know: ignore half of everything everyone says at any given time. We're prone to spouting off assorted nonsense--


--at any given time.

At risk of being flamed for sounding racist, I think that you're the first literature-oriented African-American I've ever met. Quite interesting--seems like a bit of a rare breed from my experience.

(DNR is Latino. He does not count.)

Anyway, enough with that. Hope to see you around quite a bit, and here's hoping that you have fun while you're here.
Hmm . . . so your the aspiring novelist whos after my title! *Folds his hands* HAH! HAHAHAHAH!

. . .
But to be truthful, its good to see more multi-ethnical people in this site. Yes I may be Latino BUT I am still the first brown-colored individual here. As the Jackie Robinson of this Forum I extend welcomes to you my brother! : D I believe I am the resident Latino Random Guy and the TRUE ethnic minority player as my Netop IS African American


[needs to draw DNR's Operator, Polonius, in a Dodgers jersey now]
Oh you should, Tsunade, m'lady ^^;
Zub zub. Lobchak. Shwooboo. FOR THE BOARD~!

Yeah, I'm Shuryou. I'm master of disguise and being awfully lazy. I'm not American or English at all. I enjoy the word 'penis' a lot so don't worry when you see it flying around. People are afraid of me, so don't worry... I don't bite.

*flies off in his straitjacket*
Oh, and I likes the Dragonball Z. LOLOLOLOLOL.

Quote (Lordmarorin88)

I believe I am the resident Latino Random Guy and the TRUE ethnic minority player as my Netop IS African American.

Pure asian and almost pure Japanese in real life, Japanese operator.


I feel so odd doing this, because I live in a place where Asians are actually the vast majority of the population.

Quote (The Wicked Clam)

...And I totally am so psyched! I love to like totally talk in prep-language, so like...get use to it! Duh! Lol

That's not prep language.
I'M preppy.
GIRL speech.
[headshots Hiko]



[runs off after Shuryou]
Hey... hey, now... I go to a prep school.