School people breaking my stride.

Yeah, thought I'd write this message since I'm in an event and all. I won't be capable of posting on coming Wednesday and Thursday. I've got a school trip from Wednesday to Friday, but I'll be home early on Friday so I can post then if necessary. Even though I doubt it'd be necessary since my teammates in the event are practically chasing their muses. So, yeah... Shuryou won't be online Wednesday and Thursday.
I wish I could go on three day trips. I just get to go on three hour trips, that usually end with my feet getting wet. Have fun wherever your going Shuryou, and do that thing you do so good.
Lucky. Longest we've gone on is about 12 hours: 6:45 to 5:30. And that's saying something, 'cause I'm still in elementary school.
In elementary school, 6th grade, we went to Catalina for about 4 days.

Quote (Zanallen)

In elementary school, 6th grade, we went to Catalina for about 4 days.

I thought 6th grade = middle school
Not in some systems.
I see.

5th grade: two three-day trips
6th grade: one three-day trip
7th grade: one week-long trip and one three-day band trip
8th grade: one week-long trip and one week-long band trip.

Granted, I don't do much of that anymore since High School SUCKS, but I still beat you all.
Every f***ing grade: Stay at home 8D

Shuryou will be gone? But... but... who will supply my perverse fantasies now?!

Actually, I'm not a single 'grade'. Not in the Dutch system, that is... I'm in the first year of my studies, eh... English fails me to find the right word. Anyway, it's a study known as "SPW4" here which practically translates to, in English, "Social Pedagogic Worker". The 4 stands for the level of the education, 4 being the highest. This trip will be to get used to taking care of organizing activities and other stuff, like preparing breakfast, for people.
Shur's studying to become a social worker. The Dutch government must be blind and deaf to be letting this happen. Haw haw--

*turns the Netherlands' problem children into sadistic criminals and ruthless murderers*
Not....the milk....



Before long, the Netherlands is going to have an overflow of Twi-level pervs at young ages. D:
Believe it or not, but at the place where I work for that intern thingie is an elderly man who is rather perverted... The only thing that strikes me as evil is that he hits on elderly women... My mind sometimes short circuits...
Way too many years of schooling = A lot of cash.
Paying for gas to drive to said schooling = A lot of cash.

Getting to watch old people hit on each other and talk about doing the nasty = Priceless (and kinda wierd.)

For everything else, there's Masterca- *guillotine'd*

On another note, I took a week long trip to D.C. in 8th grade. Saw the sites, some people selling "5 dolla 'oakley's' " , and got to stand in a long ass line with a really racist black guy who got into an argument with on of our teachers about who was in line first or something retarded like that.
I has returned and I'm bitchy as ever. And annoyed since, apparently, I missed nothing. Including stuff happening at the place where I am in the event.