A Narrative

Tom walked in through the door to his house after a fast day at work. It was a good day, despite having blown 14 hours of it asleep. It was completely dark of course, it being 05:30. But Tom didn't mind. He'd decided that he'd take care of a few things.

First was checking in on an old forum called Oddlots Irregulars. It'd been a while since he'd gone there, about 6 months or so, and he was kind of wondering how things had been. After logging on, he tried to check to see if he'd gotten any private messages before remembering that there was no such feature there. That's when he saw the e-mail adress he'd registered to there, RetirwM@Yahoo.com

"...Oh sheet," he cursed, realizing that he'd told his fellow college students to e-mail their part of the project to him at Retirw@Yahoo.com, no M present. So he quickly typed in the website address to get himself to where he needed to be, silently mouthing curses as he did so.

Of course, once this was all done, Tom was quickly distracted by the 150 missed e-mails that had been sitting there in the 6 months he'd left his account alone. And wouldn't you know it! There was mail from that old RP website he'd gone too. He'd just been thinking about rejoining, maybe with a new character. "Let's see how they've been doing." So he followed the link in the message without even bothering to read it.

He was greeted by a message from Nalernn. Tom remembered Nalernn! "Huh, the board looks odd, now why..." Tom stopped. He then went back and read the e-mail he'd received. Then he went back and re-read the message from Nalernn.

And Tom laughed.

Hey! How is everyone! It's been a while, but I think I'm kinda back. Nasty business that you've all been through while I was gone though. Yikes. I mean, wow, that's just some ugly stuff. I have no idea why it struck me as funny, but it just seemed, well... I dunno.

And I should apologize for that right off the bat. I understand that some of you lost profiles you'd worked long and hard on. Sorry guys.

Right, well, I guess I'm just going in a roundabout fashion of this, but I think I'd like to rejoin. Unfortunately, I've still only got the slightest idea of what's going on. Gimme 8 hours and I'll look at all of this with a clear head.

First things first, I need to e-mail those college students, or I am dead meat come Monday. Later!
Welcome back Tom.
Tom's back!
Let us rejoice~!
Always good to have old members return.
Welcome back, buddy.

Heyo again, man. Welcome back. : D

Hope you can get settled in again...
Sweet! I was just talking about you some time recently in the chat room, I believe.

Welcome back, and I hope you enjoy settling back in.
TOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! Are you ready to battle once more? Hell, I've even got an evil Navi now. Anyway, great to see ya again man. Now we just need Retrosmith to return and I shall be content.
Evil Navi? We can do that? Man... and here I was designing all these bad Navi guys to give away, y'know, for plot and stuff. Although I really don't think I'd want to play any of them myself. Except Inferno. I liked him.

Darn you! I was set to make a character until I read this! No joke, I was setting up my character registration when I said, "Huh, wonder if there's anything new back here." Now I can't decide between character designs.

As much fun as that might be though, I like my current idea. It's mainly since noone else has pulled this yet, I don't think anyway, and I've got that whole 'Look at me, I'm different' thing going off in the back of my brain. So yeah. Be joining you guys soon.
You put a lot of thought and effort into that narraration...I applaud you!
OK, but welcome...back?
I joined RE:CN in its deterioration state, so I wouldn't know you.
well, I think you joined after I keep forgetting to come for who knows how long, but anyway, welcome


Dude. I'm right here, man.

Aww... You hurt his feelings.
LOL HellboyMet.

Anyway, welcome back O creator of first User-created RP.
<points to ZeroSaber's sig>
Ummm... yes. Welcome back. Enjoy the site.
Aw shucks, it's nice to hear all the warm welcomes. And yes... I remember the 'Demon Met' incident. Good times. It's tempting to do it again actually. Hmm. Right, hopefully I'll finally stop putting off rejoining and finally decide on a character. I dunno, maybe I make too big of a deal out of it, but making a character just seems to take me forever.

I settled on an Operator scheme a while back, but I realized that my original idea wasn't quite so original. Darn you GutsMan! I still want to work with my idea, but I need to change it so it doesn't seem so... yeah, like GutsMan.
Well, glad to have you back Tom. I'm rather excited myself to see what you've got to put on the table. Have fun this time 'round. Hopefully even more than before.
I'm rather excited about it myself. Heck, I've even started getting into a British style of speech for my character. Can't wait, it's just a new style for me but it's one I feel I can adapt to rather easily. Rather, gosh, now there's a British word and a half. Rather! Oh man I'm going to get a kick out of this.

The Navi's personality is much the same as a favorite good character, but with a more subdued and obediant edge to it that's quite similar to fealty. It should be interesting, as I said, and so I hope. Besides, I imagine a 10 foot tall Navi should make a bit of a stir, eh?

Other than the Demon Met thing, I didn't really know you.

Welcome back anyway.

Quote (RevivedSin)

LOL HellboyMet.

Anyway, welcome back O creator of first User-created RP.
<points to ZeroSaber's sig>
Ummm... yes. Welcome back. Enjoy the site.


I made it up with Tom though. ^^ I'd say I didn't really know him much before either.