i have been inactive.....the school is starting to block sites that are forums, so....i'm probably NOT gonna survive the event unless my computer is done being fixed, and i may have it back in the next few days anyways so.....just put up with my inactivity untill then.
That suks Try to come back as fast as you can~~ I'll give you some bread if you do :3

Come back soon. Good luck.
*Opens up a bottle of champagne. Hires a few strippers. Calls all of his friends. Party while Dark is away.*

This is the "NO" Darkstar party.

Nah man, halfway joking. I guess I will miss you, but only a little. *Puts index and thumb very close together* Only that much though.
*nukes wooga* DIE BEYOTCH! anyways.....few more days back, hopefuly, if dell dosn't screw up again, and if the guy from dell comes out today.
UPDATE BITCHES!!! my family's labtop is fixed! just that.....theres no internet access yet....HOPEFULY we have internet access by the end of today, or dureing staerday or sunday......i hope that the event gets moded soon.
I hope you edit your post before then so you don't KILL Winter...
hehe.....anyways.....seems like our computer is haveing MORE problems.....we have NO internet, AND.....i'm about to take my foot and SHOVE it up Dell's ASS! anyways.....i'm redy to claw out a few heelnavis a new one.
Well, I think your first problem is that you have a Dell.
i wouldn't trust them as far as i can throw them.....and i have ABSOLUTELY NO ARM STRENGTH!
C'mon Darky, cool off! Watch some catgirls or drink an Irn-Bru.

*still has no character: LAZY*
Hey Lego, I'll make a character for you. If you give me one free kirby sprite?

Quote (Wooga)

Hey Lego, I'll make a character for you. If you give me one free kirby sprite?

Oh noooo.

I'm the man for that job. :3
Well, yea, yes you are.
UPDATE! it's GOOD mom has a library account, and now i do too, now when i come with my parents to the library i can get on if i'm lucky AND this library ALSO has manga, too bad i can only check out 1 book at a time right now....anyways....i just checked out the fist issue of dragon ball, PANTY SHOTS GALORE! anyways....hopeing that my mom is a fast reader, and hopeing that the library has MANY books that my mom wants to check out. peace!
update update! we have our computer again, AND now we have internet, i will be on a LOT more often from now on, hopefuly my step father puts what we need onto the computer soon, to avoid geting TOO many viruses.