Taylor Steele and Architect.EXE


Name: Taylor Steele
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shorter than your average teenager, Taylor has medium-length strawberry blonde hair, which is an unusual color of red, dark but not orange or strong red, which makes it remarkably unnoticeable. He has a pair of flat, almost gray blue eyes to accompany them. He is of average physical appearance, favoring black, blues, and grays in his wardrobe and often wearing simple jeans and shirts. Rather thin, however.

Personality: He's a magnificent bastard. No, really. For his age, he's terrifyingly intelligent and charismatic, yet so cold and distant that his only option to make a name for himself is through sheer conquest. He thinks in lofty ideals and refutes concrete morals, constantly trying to improve his own lot in the world, and the lot of the world itself, at any cost. He has no love for the officials, or most establishments, and wishes to some day gather enough power to overcome them not through netbattles, but politics.

His home country is Sharo. He was separated from his parents near birth, and was put into the collective care of a college institution, technically raised by one of the professors who had adopted him but spending no time with any one person long enough to forge any lasting connections. However, he DID gain a significant knowledge base of mechanics, physics, sociology, computing, literature, politics, and ancient history, and any other subjects that fascinate him. He gained a voracious, insatiable appetite for knowledge and the power it held. He idolized great figures from history, whom in his mind, were the leading masters of their arts and respective eras. To him, his idols personified future and current events better than news articles.

He recently inherited a large amount of money from the death of his parents, from a car accident. He had never really met them (nor cared to) but being their only child for some reason they had placed him in the will. He had already achieved a college degree (or two? =P ) to secure emancipation under his nation. Essentially on his own now, he wishes to pursue a higher life than just a scholar.

He hopes to netbattle as little as possible if he can. Netbattling isn't what he wants to do at all really, in fact, it's only a means to achieve his more important goals. And a very inefficient one at that.

Aside from the dark decisiveness he has within his mind, he's a rather pleasant person to get along with. He can be elusive and deep, but also very trusting. Despite his rather politician-like approach to conflict, Loyalty is what he values most. The closest way to win his rare smile is to simply be there when he needs you.

In the next few years of his life, he will learn who he really is and face his vices head-on... or embrace them while stepping over those he feels unjust to rule. He'll climb the moon and reach the stars, then throw them beneath him to watch the world burn if he needed to. He's not violent, nor evil, but rather just uncompromising and powerful.

tl;dr: Young. Doesn't want to battle. Downright dangerous otherwise.

PET Modifications: His PET has been 'heavily' modified in terms of software, the entire operating system custom-designed to Taylor's request. Physically, the PET looks somewhat normal, except for a series of flat iron plates over the edges of the PET, replacing the normal plastic guards with the brushed metal. The PET itself is an older model (BN3 version), one of the oldest, but has been upgraded to be personalized beyond comparison to any newer model. The modifications mostly include direct server access points and connectivity so he can establish constant connections to important tools such as personal servers and such where he can use them strategically as information hubs.


Name: Architect.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Subtype: Summon

Architect has a brilliant set of white navi armor, his head left uncovered however. Trimmed with gold, his armor really serves no purpose other than appearance. Behind him is a wide white cape, which is red on the inside. The edges of this are also gold. He was designed to simply be as shiny as possible, really. His cape is short enough it doesn't affect his running, and if need be, can be turned into intangible data should it become an unfortunate situation to have the cape.

He carries no weapon of his own, but rather is LITERATELY an architect of weapons. His hands are covered in black gloves that when powered, are surrounded in small, golden spheres.

It's a testament to Taylor's own narcissism in that Architect was designed physically to look JUST like Taylor, save for the navi equipment. They are the same height (relatively, since Navis don't have physical height), same face, same eyes.

Personality: Architect is quiet, but wise. He thinks in terms of assets and threats, but his psychological processes are incredibly deep in mid-combat. Otherwise, he is also an important psychological counselor to Taylor, a backup in the event that Taylor's own prideful determination gets the better of him.

His personality is similar to, though not exactly like Taylor's. They are eerily similar and very well-adjusted to each other's thoughts. Unlike most close-tight operator/navi pairs however, they often operate separated from each other, especially given Architect's nature of using chips without Taylor. They know the other's thoughts well enough that they can trust both work toward the same end without even cooperating directly, a very rare quality in most navis, and an invaluable one. Because of this, they are closer than mere twins, more like clones. Architect however has key modifications, such as a strong bound loyalty to Taylor (almost submissive when he has to be) a more adept combat skill, and a more stable emotional constitution. Despite his slight dislike of battling, Architect is indeed a terrifying master of psychological combat, and will use his skill to its utmost ability if necessary. Only when push comes to shove does he falter.

Custom Weapon: Architect Gloves

Architect's hands are covered in small black gloves that are surrounded by a glowing gold aura on each one. (not a defensive aura, just for effect) He can form objects out of thin air, based on the movements of his hands, and control them at will. The objects are tangible, but cannot support the weight of another obstacle, a navi, etc, and break upon impact with something of any considerable force. (Eg: If used to attack, or hit with another attack, the crumble apart and fade away) He can only create two at a time, but the remain there until destroyed. He can make them crumble at will as well.

This means he can create a hand-held weapon, an obstacle, or some kind of specialized tool for this.

Damage done by the objects if they impact on someone else (with any force, that is) is equal to attack. The higher the speed stat, the more reaction time he has when moving the objects.

Signature Attack:

1. Architecture Circuit

Architect immediately positions himself and his two objects in any way desirable (and forms the objects if they are destroyed) that would form a pattern of attack around a single enemy. He doesn't warp, but rather moves very quickly to his spot. His objects warp however.

He then fires a gold beam of energy out of his left hand at one of the objects, which redirects it at the other object, which redirects it through any obstacles already on the field (more obstacles = more angles) until the last obstacle has been hit by the beam, where it returns to Architect's right hand, forming a large circuit. (this means that if no obstacles are on the field, it forms a triangle between Architect and his two objects)

At best, with each redirection the beam can hit another enemy in a pinball-like bouncing of the energy. However, it requires very careful planning and executing in order to hit everyone at once.

The beams do not stop if they hit something, but instead do damage to it and continue on their path after the first hit. After that however, they will stop.

[20] Multi Hit
[20] Base Damage
[0] Shot type attack

Cooldown: 1 turn

Architecture Move

Architect will use this in attacking against melee attackers. When engaged in close-range combat, he will strike forward with his hands to do damage, enhanced by the energy auras around his gloves. The attack then adds damage onto his next chip or charge attack.

[10] Damage
[10] Damage reduction
[0] Melee attack

Cooldown: 1 turn
I edited the title of your thread for you to accomodate your navi's new name.

You don't need to choose an element but you NEED to choose a subtype.

Also, I'm pretty sure your custom weapon is way too complicated. It's not allowed to have any special effect attached to it when you start. The fact that you're allowed a custom weapon is mostly for visual effect/fluff and has no impact on gameplay. It operates with the same mechanics as the buster.

You need to officially list the cooldown on your sig as 2 to avoid confusion, but you may choose to not use it right away when it does finish cooling down.
Haha, I was still editing when you replied. Weapons were both completely changed. Sorry.
Okay, your NetOp description and your Navi stuff is quite well done, but your Sig Attack needs a bit of work.

1. From the "[NOTE- CAN ONLY BE USED WITH ANOTHER CHIP]" thing, I believe what your trying to say is your sig would imbue a chip with the Phasing effect, and strengthen it's power by 10dmg. This can be done, but be aware of how this would work:

1. Architecture Circuit: (Strengthen 10 + Imbue Phasing + Take Aim + Movement + 2TCD)
2. Cannon: MetoolA (40dmg + Knockback) [+10dmg + Phasing]
3. -<insert whatever here>-

So, this would require you to use 2 actions to perform this attack, one to "power up" the attack and take your movement & take aim action, then the other to fire the upgraded attack.

2. The phasing effect means the attack can pass through objects or terrain, but stop immediately after hitting a SINGLE target. Phasing doesn't mean a single beam can blast through multiple targets.

Please think over what I said, then make your changes.
Actually, you can't imbue effects, that's restricted to subtype abilities.

Now, if you want to make it a second attack that has the RP restriction of only being usable after (or before) a chip attack, that's...a bit odd, but acceptable.
Agh, another leftover from the two previous affects. The Other chip thing wasn't at all intended. Removed.

As for the phasing, the attack only works if it will continue in a whole circuit. If the beam stopped after hitting something, it would take away greatly from the RP effect of the attack. I figure because of that, it had to have a phasing effect added onto it.
Well, let's see now...

Architect Gloves: If you don't actually make real objects (just RP fluff) then this is probably okay. Stretches the limit though.

Architecture Circuit: If you want to make it bounce off to other enemies, I suggest making it have Spread, which costs half of the total damage cost for each extra instance of enemy hit. It's not guaranteed to work like Multi-Target does, but it does what you're looking for.