Alicia Farrah and Cray.EXE

So, because Rachna's muse is just about as fickle as Rachna herself, I'm shelving again. And since Greco's perpetually busy schedule has prevented me from using this pair elsewhere, they're here now.

Alicia Farrah
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Appearance: Alicia is slender and of medium height, with a figure just shapely enough to be noticeable. She boasts light blonde hair, curled and just short of shoulder-length, and even lighter skin that would be almost perfectly smooth if not for the occasional cut or burn that is usually obscured by her clothing. Her eyes are a light brown color, though few people would be able to make this out under her goggles.

Her typical outfit is somewhat anachronic. Most days she'll wear a tank top of fairly dull colors and either jeans or a skirt most days, examples of the latter typically being knee-length and occasionally tattered. With this, however, she has a preference for tall boots of a golden-brown shade. Complementing these, she's known to occasionally wear a glove of matching colors on her remaining hand, and almost always wears a pair of goggles. These goggles are framed in brass, with blue-tinted lenses. Compartments fitting onto the sides of the headstrap and a gear system beside the frames contain a small computer with the same capabilities as a sub-PET, and can swap out the normal lenses for ones containing a HUD.

She only has one normal arm. The other, her right, was crushed and needed amputating following an accident three years previous. Since then she has been fitted with a cybernetic prosthetic, the machinery of which is protected by a casing with a brass finish. Slots built into the side of the casing are able to hold various attachments, such as her PET, or work as small storage compartments. The arm itself can perform all the functions of a normal arm, with extensions in the fingers to allow for more precision work. Hydraulics in the joints give the arm strength above average for a normal human, but not enough to perform superhuman feats. Although linked to the computer system in Alicia's goggles, it otherwise can't interface with most computers or networks on its own, save for Alicia's PET, which can be attached and connected whenever Cray is not jacked into anything.

Personality: Alicia has a brilliant mind and is very intelligent for her age but, perhaps because of this, is just a little bit insane. She is a very hands-on person and loves building and working with machines. She has a tendency to talk to herself while working, often really fast, or else project herself onto and talk to machines or whatever else she's working with in order to seem less like she's talking to herself. She also has quite a few strange quirks, such as flexing her prosthetic arm just to listen to the mechanisms, and despite being rather outgoing in public generally comes off as a bit weird. Fortunately for her, this weirdness usually comes off as endearing in the right crowds. She can also be something of a flirt with almost anyone, but will usually choose to go back to her work rather than actually spending time with someone, leading to a few rumors that she has a thing for machines.

PET Modifications: Bronze coloring, fits into a hardwood and brass exterior case.

Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Bug

Appearance: The base body of Cray is a slender, feminine navi of medium height. She wears a skin-tight bodysuit with an appearance reminiscent of a circuit board: blue-green in color with gold highlights tracing rigid, segmented patterns across the surface. Her skin has the slightest trace of the same blue-green in it, which stands out more in darker environments, and her eyes are a vibrant electric blue. Her hair, in contrast, bears the color and texture of fiber-optic threads: clear individually but a translucent white as a whole, with the tips lit in shifting colors. Her skin, eyes and the gold highlights of her bodysuit also faintly glow their respective colors, although they are only easily noticeable when she is out of her exoskeleton and in a darker environment. Her navi emblem is on her chest, just below the base of her neck, and consists of a lobster with wires running from the legs, claws, and tail into the border.

When in any environment that she is not absolutely sure she will not end up having to fight someone or something, Cray wears a powered exoskeleton with a very obvious crustacean theme. Overall, the exoskeleton is very bronze and functions as full body mechanical armor in segmented plates similar to those of a lobster shell. Three ridges cross over the front of the exoskeleton's torso below the arms, which Alicia suspects were originally supposed to be placemarkers for extra arms that were scrapped. The exoskeleton's helmet covers her full head, with convex black eye shields that let light from outside in, but only the the glow of her eyes and face out. This helmet is topped by cybernetic antennae that give her additional sensory information, not the least of which being making up for the fact that when armored Cray has difficulty turning her head. On the opposite end, the exoskeleton has a lobster-themed tail to balance out Cray's claws, although it is not quite as proportionately large as an actual lobster tail.

The claws, easily the most notable feature of Cray's exoskeleton, are both quite large. Each are individually the size of a normal person's arm and are serrated along the inner edges. Unlike a normal lobster, however, they have an open interior inside the joints, housing chip-modifiable guns and harpoon launchers with electrically charged cables.

Personality: To put it simply, Cray is not very nice. She thinks of herself almost to the exclusion of anyone else, only being "helpful" to others when it benefits her in some way. She is not afraid of stabbing others in the back once this benefit has worn itself out or else just when it suits her more than playing along. Her operator Alicia is not exempt from this, although thus far Cray has no great reason to go against her, and even if she did finds Alicia to be entertaining enough to stick around at a moment's notice. Among others, any friendship or alliance she may make is superficial and temporary, although she is at least less likely to betray those who haven't slighted her in any way and recognize her as someone to keep at arm's length. After all, letting someone with arm-length claws get any closer just seems stupid. She makes it very difficult to be trusted, which is just as well because she doesn't trust much of anyone to not eventually do the same to her. Underneath her attitude and her treacherous nature, she is in fact very paranoid.

She takes a very sarcastic and cynical attitude toward most things, responding to even things that are decidedly not funny to anyone else with smart remarks or, at the very least (or most, depending on perspective), grim amusement. With any given statement she makes it would be a gamble to say whether she was being serious or just snarking more, and equally much of a gamble to say if she was telling the truth.

Custom Weapon:
-Melee: Craytech claws: Cray smashes, cuts, or clamps a target with cybernetic claws
-Range: Craytech guns: Cray shoots a target with claw-mounted guns

Signature Attack:
Scramble [Active, 2TCD]: Cray disrupts a target with electrical energy, dealing elec damage and causing glitches.
40 Elec (40), Glitch (20), 60 total points

Approved, you know the drill.

GET CHIP: Cannon, RageClaw1, Shotgun, Zapring1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, SetSolar
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