Shelving again

So yeah, Twi doesn't seem capable of modding Knight and won't bother with responding to Rachna opening a mystery data before he does, so in the meantime I'm shelving Ellen and Rachna for these two.

Name: Alicia Farrah
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Appearance: Alicia is thin and and of medium height, with a figure just shapely enough to be noticeable. She boasts light blonde hair, curled and just short of shoulder-length, and even lighter skin that would be almost perfectly smooth if not for the occasional cut or burn that is usually obscured by her clothing. Her eyes are a light brown color, though few people would be able to make this out under her goggles.

Alicia's outfit is somewhat anachronic. Most days she'll wear a tank top of fairly dull colors and either jeans or a skirt most days, examples of the latter typically being knee-length and occasionally tattered. With this, however, she has a preference for tall boots of a golden-brown shade. Complementing these, she's known to occasionally wear a glove of matching colors on her remaining hand, and almost always wears a pair of goggles. These goggles are not always pulled over her eyes, but occasionally left to rest on her forehead or having one side flipped up so she can see the world both with and without the goggles at the same time.

She only has one normal arm. The other, her right, was crushed and needed amputating following an accident three years previous. Since then she has been fitted with a working prosthetic, the machinery of which is protected by a casing with a brass finish. A slot for a pocketwatch is built into the casing where a person with a normal arm would wear a wristwatch.

Personality: Alicia has a brilliant mind and is very intelligent for her age but, perhaps because of this, is just a little bit insane. She is a very hands-on person and loves building and working with machines. She has a tendency to talk to herself while working, often really fast, or else project herself onto and talk to machines or whatever else she's working with in order to seem less like she's talking to herself. She also has quite a few strange quirks, such as flexing her prosthetic arm just to listen to the mechanisms, and despite being rather outgoing in public generally comes off as a bit weird. Fortunately for her, this weirdness usually comes off as endearing in the right crowds. She can also be something of a flirt with almost anyone, but will usually choose to go back to her work rather than actually spending time with someone, leading to a few rumors that she has a thing for machines

PET Modifications: Bronze coloring, fits into a hardwood and brass exterior case.

Name: Machinae.BIN
Gender: Female
Element: Heat (Fire)
Subtype: Variable

Appearance: Machinae is a navi designed in the style of a being half organic and humanoid and half machine, designed to run on a mix of several forms of machinery but most prominently featuring gears and steam power. She stands six feet even, though will often appear to be slightly taller due to hovering a few inches off the ground. Despite all the machinery she has a slim figure, though exposed joints cause her hips to lose some of their curve. The shell of the navi's machine parts, and the armor covering the organic-appearing parts, is a mix of copper and bronze, intricately shaped and accented by polished brass plates. This, combined with the glow of the goggles and engine, give the navi something of a shining appearance.

From the top, Machinae's head is mostly organic, with one mechanical eye behind which gears can be seen constantly turning, even when she is idle. Both eyes are intended to be brown, though the mechanical one is more the color of rust. Under normal circumstances, both are covered by a pair of goggles of the same design of Alicia's, rimmed in brass with blue-tinted lenses. Unlike Alicia's, however, the lenses glow when the goggles are worn properly. Beyond this, her skin is fairly light and her hair is nearly identical in appearance to copper wires, falling just short of shoulder length and being covered for the most part by a gold-tinted pilot's cap. At the base, this cap transitions seamlessly into a brass plates that fold in to protect her neck during battle. Her neck itself is also purely organic in design, as is part of her torso.

Both arms, however, are mechanical, with metal-ringed tubes and pipes running up and down their length, connected to a complex system of gears, pistons, and joints that give the arms the shape and all the movement of a normal human arm. These mechanicsms are all encased in a bronze shell with protrusions doing their best to cover the exposed space between joints. Sectioned brass plates cover the entirety of this bronze casing. The largest exposed area is around the shoulders, which are protected by pauldrons extending from the torso shell, also plated with brass. It is on these shoulder plates that her navi emblem is visible. Rather than a simple raised ring containing an image, the emblem is a gear topped with a brass plate, inscribed with the image of a boiler, complete with pressure indicators and valves. The actual emblem is on the right shoulder, with the left being an empty copy. Vents for excess steam are built into the forearms, as well as into the palms of Machinae's hands. The latter of these can also be used to attack.

The upper half of her torso is organic, with a decent-sized bust. Below this, however, is the engine that powers the machine parts of Machinae. The engine is extremely compact, using a fuel cell design that produces its own water and then superheats it along with that already flowing through her body. Steam pipes extend from the back of the engine structure, running along the her back and legs to the rest of her systems. The entire structure, like the rest of her body, is encased in bronze save for the display organic computer built into her back and the area below her shoulders, where the area under the shoulderplates is left uncovered for better mobility. A few sections of the area around the engine are left exposed as well, those being steam vents on either side and a clear glass plate on the back. All three of these glow brightly when the engine is active, as does the exposed shoulder area. Brass plates line these exposed areas, the area around the computer display, and form a breastplate over her chest.

Above the engine, built into the back is a computer, blending steam power, gears, and electronics with organic components to connect the organics of the human-designed head and chest with the machinery of the rest of the body. What is visible of this computer is a single display in the center of Machinae's back, which glows the same soft blue as her goggles and displays the status of all machine-body connections. During battle, battle data is also displayed. These displays also appear on the inside of Machinae's goggles whenever she wishes it. The electricity used to power this computer is also generated through Machinae's engine, and systems are present that would allow her to reroute it through her arms to fire bursts of lightning at the cost of temporarily damaging some systems. At current, however, these "lightning guns" are offline.

Her legs follow much the same pattern as her arms. They still maintain the same curves and shape as female legs via the shaping of the metal covering them, though like the shoulders the hips are left exposed to allow full movement. Curved plates are built into the thighes that can be extended to cover these joints when defense is preferable over mobility, but otherwise they are left open, showing the gears and pipes contained within. The feet would be similarly exposed, were it not for metal boots that covered them and extended halfway up to her knees. The boots, like most of her body, are plated in sectioned brass, but also contain ornamental gears on the outsides. These gears are set on the tops, lining the area around the feet, and set into the back like spurs. Similar to the arms, vents are set into the legs just above the boots, as well as in the bottoms of the boots. The latter of these vents can be used to allow Machinae to hover for a few seconds at a time.

Machinae carries two accessories on her. The first is a gun designed like a revolver with bronze finish with which she can use gun chips. The other is a bronze umbrella frame, lacking actual umbrella under normal circumstances, that Alicia designed and added to the navi on a whim.

Personality: Being partially organic and designed by Alicia, Machinae has much more of a personality than one would expect from a machine. She has inherited Alicia's tendency to talk to machines and sometimes to herself. Occasionally she displays many of the same manic tendencies as her operator, but this is somewhat rare and mostly only surfaces when she is particularly bored. Though she believes and acknowledges most emotions she has as artificial, she embraces them anyway alongside the logical nature of a machine. This logic, while holding some basis in the real world, seems geared more toward a reality that operates more toward her own design than that of the rest of the net, which can lead to some situations where what she says or does makes sense only to her.

Custom Weapon: Steam vents built into the palms hands.

Signature Attack:
Steam Blast [Active, 2TCD]: Machinae unleashes a concentrated blast of steam from both palm vents at a target.
50 Aqua (50), Knockback (10), 60 Total Points

And I'll be taking the Shield NCP
Everything's fine, approved.

GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, Shield
Okay, so I've decided I need Rachna back, so I'm going to plop these two back on the shelf in the meantime.
So, due to misinterpreting my own system, I wasn't aware that I could use Pianissimo's levels for the extra character requirement but still keep him on the shelf.

In short, I'm taking these two back as my second pair
You're welcome, and approved. XD