Yep...this is a shelving. A complete and utter shelving. Unless I messed up with the following profiles and have to redo something. Then it'd just be a failure.

Name: Christopher Jetto
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Appearance: Stands at around 6'0", with an average, but lean, build.
-Hair Color: Light Brown
-Eye Color: Blue
-Skin Shade: Light
-Other things: Has fairly large eyes, but nothing overly atypical
-Head: None, but he has a beard and mustache combo.
-Upper Body: A red shirt, with a black vest over it.
-Lower Body: A pair of blue jeans, neither tight nor particually loose. Also wears a pair of gray tennis shoes.
Personality: Christopher's defining trait is his even-temperedness; regardless of the situation, he rarely so much as raises his voice. This gives him a sort of air of confidence and wisdom, as he's almost never seen frightened or surprised, even if he actually is. He's also rather kind, especially to his children.
PET Modifications: Red with gray trim.
History Highlights:
-Born and raised in southern Netopia.
-Did not graduate from high school, instead choosing to serve in the Netopian Net Corps.
-Upon deletion of his NormalNavi during a difficult mission a couple of years later, created FlareMan as a battle capable Navi. However, due to an oversight in the AI programming, he lacks the ability to fully comprehend emotions.
-At 24, left the Net Corps, soon marrying a young woman by the name of Josephine. They soon had two children, Brandon and Sabrina.
-Began a chip order service to earn some extra cash. It proved to be so successful, in part since the strength of his Navi allowed him to get chips few others could obtain, he made it a full-time business.
-Around 3 months ago, suddenly closed his business. The reasons for this are yet unknown to anyone but himself and his Navi. However, he secretly sold many of FlareMan's upgrades and Battlechips at around that time, allowing his family to live comfortably for quite some time.
-Upon the sudden disappearance of Brandon soon afterwards, trained Sabrina in the art of NetBattles. After some time away, had her return home to test her abilities.

Name: FlareMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Normal
Appearance: FlareMan is a rather tall, lanky Navi, with a decidedly robotic appearance.
-His head is orbular, red with a gray face area. However, his face simply consists of two eyes with reddish-brown irises, and a flamethrower that seems to act as his nose and mouth.
-FlareMan's arms and hands are mostly gray, with some red trim on the latter. However, his most noteworthy feature is his shoulders and wrists, which are constantly ablaze. While he can disable this if necessary, it oddly requires more energy to stop than to simply allow them to burn.
-His body is covered with red armor, with a little bit of gray trim. On his chest is his emblem; two flames that form a circular shape.
-FlareMan's legs are exclusively gray, aside from the boots that cover his feet and part of the lower legs. His boots are red with gray trim.
Personality: Since his emotion simulation program does not function properly, he is a rather emotionless, cerebral Navi. He's sometimes confused by Christopher's benevolent nature, but over the years has learned to deal with it. Nonetheless, he greatly enjoys battles, though he will never engage in one without his operator's consent.
Custom Weapon: The flamethrower that serves as part of his face can be used to launch fire at enemies. He can also shoot some Fire-elemental chips from it, though it has no actual effect on the attack.
Signature Attack: Flame Gatling - FlareMan shoots several volleys of small flames from his flamethrower in rapid succession. 3 hits of 20 damage, Fire element. 2 turn cooldown.
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FlaremanxSplashwoman fanfiction, please.

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Worst. Timed. Shelving. Ever.

Seriously, I can't help but laugh that I'm asking for an unshelving less than a week after I shelf them. That's ridiculous timing.

So...yeah. Sabrina and SplashMan are back! ...At least as soon as the former's father and Navi take their place on said shelf.

And just to make sure everything's all official and stuff, the profiles:

Name: Sabrina Jetto (and before you ask, yes, she's Brandon's slightly younger sister)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Stands at around 5'5", with average build.
-Hair Color: Light Brown
-Eye Color: Blue
-Skin Shade: Light
-Other things: Has fairly large eyes, but nothing overly atypical
-Head: Wears a blue hairband to tie her hair into a ponytail.
-Upper Body: Plain blue tank top. Wears a black bracelet on her right wrist, with her Navi's mark on it.
-Lower Body: Black skirt, extending down to just above the knee. For footwear, she wears a pair of blue boots.
Personality: Sabrina's a very kind natured person, the kind that would stop and help someone for no reason. However, she becomes quite bossy if things don't go just the way she expects them too. She also enjoys poking fun at others, especially her Navi.
PET Modifications: Blue with black trim

Name: SplashMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Type: Normal
Appearance: SplashMan stands at a slightly below average Navi height, but is such an awkward looking Navi he'd have a hard time blending in a crowd...
-His head is dome-shaped, black with a blue roof. He has no face, but near the bottom of the dome are two large, irisless eyes (though he does have pupils). There's no neck, but SplashMan can still turn his head left and right freely.
-SplashMan's arms and hands have black armor on the outer half, and are simply blue on the inner half. His forearms essentially do not exist, and are primarily a pair of small water tanks. This is actually true of most of his body; aside from the vital programs in his head, his entire body is simply filled with a never ending water supply.
-His body is covered with black armor, though with plenty of blue trim. On his chest is his emblem; four water drops that meet at their points, forming a + shape. His back has a pair of white water cannons, capable of shooting aqua-based attacks at enemies.
-SplashMan's legs are much like his arms; black armor on the outer half, blue non-armor on the inner half. Unlike his arms, though, no part of his legs contain visable water tanks. His boots are blue with black trim, as a sort of contrast to the rest of him.
Personality: SplashMan is incredibly carefree, and dislikes being rushed. He's actually such to a fault, as he can't stand being rushed by anyone, not even Sabrina. However, he's a cool customer if he doesn't let the pressure boil him.
Custom Weapon: His right hand can become hose nozzle-like, allowing SplashMan to shoot water at the enemy
Signature Attack: Water Splash - SplashMan fires water diagonally upwards from the water cannons onto a single enemy. 60 damage, 2 cooldown

The silliness of the previous time spent with this pair is a thing of the past. Now, let a whole new wave of silliness begin!
Yes yes, standards and practices, pomp and circumstance, bubblegum and all that jazz, etc. Approved, of course.

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