Name: JazzCross
Level: 1
Element/Subtype: Wood/Break
Passive Subtype Ability: Blastproof
Active Subtype Ability: Smash
Bonuses: +10 to Wood elemental chips
Appearance: Despite this cross existing because Anathema befriended a rabbit man, the first question most would ask upon looking at it is 'what did the poor bunnies do to her?'.

Her attire is simple; she wears a strapless brown rabbit fur bikini, with a pair of brown rabbit fur boots, and a pair of brown rabbit fur armbands. Over it, she wears a body length rabbit fur cloak, white in color and more in line with Jazz. Atop the cloak is a hood with bunny ears on top of it. She usually has the hood up, but it doesn't obscure any of her facial features. Her one non-fur accessory in this cross is a pair of golden earrings, shaped like upside down raindrops, but given the rest of her outfit, it's a safe bet that they're really supposed to be carrot shaped.

Signature Attacks:
- Nature Flare
Anathema summons a burst of natural energy on the battlefield, harming anyone nearby, and plants seeds in the vicinity that grows grass almost instantly.
- 30 Wood + Blast 2 + Medium Grass Terrain Change (Shot type)
- 2 TCD
- 80 points
First Level Cross
Element: Normal
Subtype: Variable
Active ability: Buff (10+Level damage added to chosen chip)
Passive ability: Debuff (Use Buff/Strengthen/Chip effects to debuff enemy attack power)
Bonus: +10 to normal chips

Jazz has been a totally negative influence upon Anathema, just as much as Anathema has been a negative influence on him. Oddly enough, the two seem to get together just fine like a house on fire!

Jazz decides to take a page out of Anathema's book and dons what can only be called a "helmet" as a bronze colored navi helmet wraps around his head and leaves two holes for his ears to flop out of as well as a combat visor obscuring his eyes across his face, only the bottom half of his face able to be seen from within the helmet. A silky robe also wrap around his body, much like a stereotypical "mage" robe, little flair outside of it's purple coloring and a few silver patterns engraved in the sides and back of the encompassing robe with vials, beakers and an atypical "fire". The rabbit in this cross throws out various beakers and vials filled with concoctions that do damage to the enemies like a slow acting acid or fast acting corrosive poison.

Signature (Max signature: 140/210/25)
Life Slasher: Jazz, being the rabbit he is, creates a vial of Purple Stuff and guzzles it down. He proceeds to then pull out a knife from the ether and tosses it at a single foe, the knife upon a hit will cut his opponent up for wood elemental damage and Jazz absorbs whatever damage dealt to the foe through mystical energies linking his knife to him. (40 Life Drain, Shot Type, Slashing, 2 TCD, 80 points)

edit: oop, seems I misread, Jazz isn't Wood element anymore so Wood drain counts as off-element, that's not passing
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