ExorcistCross (LV 1)
Element/Subtype: Wood/Sword

Description: SharpMan loses much of his attire upon activation of ExorcistCross, aside from his black jumpsuit and boots. He now possesses yellow pants, which are loose, but not baggy, with a large white sash covering its top. The sash also contains his emblem, due to his upper armor now missing, though he possesses two large brown shoulderpads for unknown reasons. Even the blades on the sides of his now yellow helmet are gone, and the ones atop the helmet are much shorter, now simply sticking backward as spikes.

Custom Weapon: SharpMan has large yellow arm bracers, each of which has two large bamboo blades attached to it, approximately 18 inches in length. These can be used to slash, stab, or otherwise attack the enemy.

Cross Sig Attack:

Wuji Cut - SharpMan delivers a slash capable of draining qi and instilling nothingness in the heart, making an enemy temporarily lose their will to do much of anything. (30, Wood, Slashing, Sleep) (80/80) (2 TCD)
I approve! Working on my half of the cross, but go ahead and approve this one if you would, mods.
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Approved ExorcistCross
Finally going to register my level 1 SharpCross! The formatting is going to be a little messed up cause I'm doing this from my phone.

Level 1 SharpCross

Element: Null

Subtype: Sword

Appearance: Counterinfectualism is not so different from working as a blade for hire; both are professionals whose daily lives revolve around battle. Inside even the most enlightened and disciplined of these fighters lurks a creature that craves and enjoys battle. Inspired by SharpMan's... passion for his work, Exorcist takes on a new form.

A black kimono with a nearly untraceable pattern of dark gray, jagged lines across its surface replaces Exorcist's modest yellow attire. This part consists of a long kimono top and black, wide-legged hakama. The kimono closes low at the waist, showing off her impressive bustline and the silver, metallic bikini she wears underneath. The kimono is made more imposing with the addition of dark, silver armor, which loops the shoulders like a mantle and also features a belt, gloves, and boots (the sleeves and legs partially hide some of these and the metallic segments mostly cover the hands and feet, with the rest being a lighter mesh that will avoid catching on fabric. The hands and toes are both pointed into wicked shapes. From the mantle hangs a short, black cape, covered in tears and slashes.

Her hair is worn down and her hat is removed. A silver open-faced mask, framing the face and turning into something like a crown of thorns at the brow, is added. Her hair rolls out unimpeded from behind but held away from her forehead at the front.

Custom Weapon: Exorcist spreads the fingers of both hands, making them function like blades fans. Rather than chop, they cut their with chi projected into jagged ridges around the center point. There is no mercy in these hands!

Charge Attack: Places both hands together so that the tips of her left hand's fingers touch the bottom of her right hand's palm, and thrusts her chi into one point. Even where it is not effective, the slicing pain produced should not be wished upon anyone.

Signature Attacks:

Make it Hurt (80): A lifetime of discipline and good intentions unravel as Exorcist is consumed by the ego that comes with being good at hurting others. With no focus on controlling her aura, transparent black waves project wildly like jabbing knives, hurting those around her indiscriminately.
- 10 damage slashing nova 2
- Passive
This is very nice and I approve of it.
And I approve of it as well.