A non-Fire Cross! Asator has permission for AnyisCross, of course.

Level: 1
Element: Normal
Subtype: Bug

Rather than adapt features like usual with a Cross, Anyis found her own aspects provoked and re-imagined by EidolonCross, perhaps due to the similarities in the two patchwork female Navis. In normal form, Anyis's armor is stored separately within Cryos, but when EidolonCross triggers the entire suit is rebuilt from scratched and permanently fused to her body. It's hard to say what the metal of the armor actually is, other than its color is white like Grants' was when he was still alive. Anyis's new armor is very sleek and form-fitting, somehow maintaining an amazing degree of flexibility at all points at no compromise to the sturdiness of the metal. The mysterious material encases her entire body from head to toe, with the only gap on the underside of her helmet, allowing for her hair to spill out freely. While Anyis effectively has a bodysuit of pure metal, she additionally has some more standard-looking armor pieces equipped, such as the aforementioned helmet, greaves and boots, and a breastplate. Her helmet is closed-faced, with the only means of "viewing" through it being an opaque, full-faced orange visor. Additional armor encases Anyis's helmet, wrapping around her ears and the back of her head before splitting into a jaw-like frame that hangs on her brow and chin, where the visor begins and ends. When Anyis gets into one of her berserk rages while in this Cross, the jaw frame will actually move and shift as if it's her mouth. Sharp horns point upwards out of the ear covers, reminiscent of the Titan's, and as a result Cryos's, own heads.

Of the unique features of EidolonCross, probably the most notable is Anyis's right arm... or rather, the massive clump of the white metal that her right arm used to be. Hexagonal platelets of the white metal are packed onto her arm layer after layer from shoulder down to hand, up to the point where Anyis has almost no functional use for the arm other than as a bludgeon. In contrast, her left arm is entirely free of extra armor. There are what appear to be seams in the white metal bodysuit where they'd be expected for the sake of flexibility, but on closer inspection it can be seen that they are actually vein-like circuitry funneling data throughout the armor. The largest circuits go up Anyis's sides into the breastplate, looking more like decorative stripes than anything else. Functionally, the circuitry ultimately feeds into the oversized right arm, allowing Anyis to explode the armor into a giant hand of pure data, reminiscent of the Titan's own hand. Her temperament in this Cross is a bit like the Titan monster that Eidolen helped Anyis defeat, in that Anyis is prone to go berserk against an enemy more than normal. Another unique feature of Anyis's armor is the gray-metal vents on the back of her breastplate near the shoulder blades, in stark contrast with the otherwise sterile white armor. Element-less white fire, not hot like Grants' nor cold like Anyis's, emits from these vents, yielding a surprising destructive force that Anyis is free to control. Finally, while it isn't a weapon, one oddity exists in the EidolonCross that Anyis has created internally, in that Eidolon's tattered red scarf is wrapped around Anyis's neck. In all likelihood, it exists because of Anyis's recognition of Pianissimo, the last Navi to defeat her in a fight. Thankfully, the scarf seems unbothered by the white flames spewing from Anyis's back, as even when it catches fire no damage seems to result.

==Signature Attacks (80/80 points)==

Titan's Grip (Telekinesis, 2TCD; 80 points)
Anyis's right arm materializes from within the armor platelets at a massive scale, and with it she can, and will, rip just about any object out of the ground and unceremoniously pound her enemy with it. It's a little brutish for telekinesis, perhaps, but effective all the same.
And here's the other half:

Name: AnyisCross
Level: 1
Element/Subtype: Aqua/Melee

Appearance: While Eidolon's natural body is far from the picture of structural integrity, it pales in comparison to what it might have been if Andrew hadn't been repeatedly patching her with the remains of other navis as upgrades, shoddy though some of them may be. Unfortunately for her continued stability, the rest of what was left of these navis' data remained within Eidolon as well, causing more errors than they solved. AnyisCross introduces more stability to the entire system, ejecting most of the foreign data into separate entities to allow the rest to, as long as it lasts, form something more cohesive. Eidolon's appearance changes as a result. Her invisible legs, broken wrists, and slashed neck all fill in, taking on scar-like appearances, if scar tissue was made entirely out of static. Most of this goes unseen by an observer, however, as she gains a full suit of midnight blue cybernetic armor. The armor, though borrowing mostly from Preon's original design, also takes some pointers from the flexible, stealth-oriented armor of Pianissimo. Most of it is very thin and form fitting, with only enough extra bulk in the back and ankles for a jetpack and rocket boots. The rest appears as a slightly thicker bodysuit, with small gaps around the joins only noticeable by the wire-like red veins of data flowing through them. The only other break in the solid navy color of the body of the armor is her navi emblem. No longer buried somewhere within Eidolon's chest, the emblem now appears on the back of her left hand in emulation of Pianissimo's old style. Thus the design of it can actually be seen: three block-like objects surrounding a central body as though floating, with a spectral wisp burned into the surface over the entire design. Eidolon's visor remains, although it has shifted from its original silver color to match the rest of her armor. It has also gotten larger, forming a band around her entire head rather than simply sitting over her eyes, and gaining added sensors mounted into antennae over her temples.

The rest of the data from the patched navis has formed bodies of their own, although they are only shadows of the navis they once were. The first, a spectral navi that gave Eidolon her new name, appeares as a simple spirit wisp, encased in the frame of a female humanoid navi. Similar to Eidolon's spectral shield ability, the navi body is not remotely solid in appearance, and varies in strength from a faintly glowing outline to a full but ghostly image depending on that component's relative activity. The wire navi of unknown name appears much like what Andrew can only assume was its original appearance, a mesh of dark red wires arranged into a humanoid male shape, with extra wires extending like tendrils out of its fingertips. Preon and Pianissimo, meanwhile, appear in their original, fully armored forms: Preon in somewhat bulky cybernetic powered armor of silver color, with the visor that made its way onto Eidolon's base design part of a full helmet, and Pianissimo in thin, stealth-oriented armor with a helmet reminiscent of a hawk's head in design. Upon closer inspection, however, one would notice that the armor is all there is to these two spectres. Both are empty inside.

When crossed, Eidolon fights by allowing herself to be "possessed" by one of these four, temporarily taking them into her body (or rather, her armor) to use their attack capabilities. The spectral navi allows her to attack with ghostly flames, freezing rather than burning much like Anyis. The wire navi gives her wire-like tendrils out of her hands, which she still primarily uses for their same purpose on her base form: binding, draining, and glitching. Preon weaponizes her arms and visor, giving her energy weapons based in both that fire laser-like energy shots. Pianissimo, of course, gives his sword, integrated into the armored body of AnyisCross as an upgraded mechanical blade, keeping the single-edged Electopian design but repairing the damaged and corrupted blade with a plasma edge.

Personality: With Eidolon's crossed form being less riddled with errors, Eidolon's mind and personality become less damaged as well. Outwardly this manifests with her becoming more open, more vocal, and more consistent in attitude. The bases of her personality are unchanged, but are now properly integrated rather than jumping between individual traits or groups of traits. She's also gotten a bit more fire to her, a trait more than likely borrowed straight from Anyis.

---Sigs (80/80)---
As it turns out, giving the former navis that make up parts of Eidolon their own bodies again gives her more direct access to their former abilities, allowing her to channel and properly use them rather than merely adapting them.
Cold Spot [Active, 1TCD]: Eidolon channels her spectral navi component and summons ghostly flames to drastically lower the temperature of an area. Combined with the freezing fire itself, the end result is a cold spot with many of the same properties as a large snowdrift.
Large Area Snow Terrain (40), 40 total points

Point Mass Collision [Active, 1TCD]: Not to have her own telekinetic abilities outdone by a giant guardian spirit, Eidolon channels Preon to generate and hit a target with a cluster of point particles. And as it turns out, a large enough mass of infinitely small particles to form something visible makes for an extremely dense battering ram that can probably send targets into orbit.
Microburst (40), 40 total points.