PhotoCross (LV 1)
Element/Subtype: Normal/Cursor

Description: SplashLady undergoes significant appearance changes for PhotoCross. Her wetsuit becomes a more traditional Navi body suit, and becomes a dark gray in color. Her skirt has lost its fins, and has become shorter; oddly, it reached her knees in front, but only halfway down the thigh in back. Her shells have vanished, replaced by a vest. Her gloves and boots have lost any aquatic motifs, and they, as well as the vest and skirt, have become a glossy, pitch black.

Her helmet is now the same shiny black as her clothes, and a large, gray transparent visor extends to cover her left eye, which can provide a variety of special imaging, such as infrared. The exact shade depends on the type of lens being used. By default, it is a very light, almost white gray.

Custom Weapon: SplashLady's trident appears to have vanished, but it remains as the handle of her weapon; an enormous, elongated gray and black camera, that forms over much of her right forearm. Its length and overall shape is reminiscent of a gun, but it can be used to take regular pictures, as well. In the back, an image feed allows her to always tell what it's pointing at. Though it may seem heavy due to the size, the camera is light enough for her to easily carry it in one hand.

Cross Sig Attacks:

Range Finder - Both SplashLady's eye visor and camera have auto-focusing technology that allows her to pinpoint the exact spot someone or something is in. Useful both in and out of battle. (Passive Take Aim) (10/40)

Lens Flare - SplashLady shoots a beam of light at an enemy from her camera's lens, which shines and exposes hidden traps. It requires exceptional focus, however, so she becomes less nimble for a bit after use. (10, Stun, Nullify, Slashing) (Self-Slow nerf) (60/60)

Sig Points Used
Range Finder - 40 (10x4)
Lens Flare - 40 (10 damage + 30 Stun + 20 Nullify - 20 Nerf)
Total: 80/80
Neat, it's fine and approved.
Yay, PhotoCross is LV 2. The sigs will remain as they are, and a new one will be added:

Tri Precision - A lightweight tripod forms on the bottom of SplashLady's camera, allowing her to reduce shaking and add stability to her shots. They can be retracted and reused at for the duration, allowing her to move around for that perfect angle. (Accuracy Enhancement, 2 turns)

Sig Points Used
Range Finder - 40 (10x4)
Lens Flare - 40 (10 damage + 30 Stun + 20 Nullify - 20 Nerf)
Tri Precision - 80 (40 Accuracy Enhancement x 2 turns)
Total: 160/160